Yoga for Pain Therapy

Painful parts of the body are something many have to deal with repeatedly. Athletes and workaholics have this problem all the time with all the stress that they have to deal with everyday. To get relief, they go to doctors, take medication and even physical therapy or massage to help relieve the pain they feel in their muscles. However, sometimes, there's more to pain than just medicine.

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Yoga is a form of meditative exercise that involves the physical, mental and spiritual being, thus allowing the relief of more than just one aspect of the body. Yoga may just be the answer to pain therapy.

Managing Pain with Yoga

Many types of pain can be relieved by practicing yoga. Chronic pain like those felt in the back, shoulders, neck and joints are the most common type of pain known to be associated with yoga and pain management. While massage and acupuncture may be effective for some time, continuous yoga is for long term pain management.

Recurring pain in various parts of the body doesn't just go away with a one-time treatment, but if treated with continuous yoga, there is a possibility that these kinds of pain will actually be treated for good. The good thing about yoga is that not only do you get relief for your pain; you also get to free yourself from mental stress, connect with yourself and achieve spiritual peace and relaxation.

Types of Yoga for Managing Pain

The type of yoga to be done will vary by the pain incurred, from the gentle positions, to more vigorous exercises for severe pain. There are yoga techniques that specialize on the pain of the different parts of the body. Those who suffer from the most common type of chronic pain can take up Hatha yoga because this involves a lot of physical positions, which are perfect for stretching and relaxing various muscles and the spine. This is also one of the gentler types of yoga, so beginners may want to try Hatha first before going into more vigorous types of yoga.

Bikram yoga is also highly effective for chronic pain; however the setting of doing the exercises in a heated room may not be appreciated by many, especially the beginners and those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

Iyengar yoga is a good style for those who suffer from neck pain as there is a wide variety of poses requiring precision and alignment.

Yoga for Neck and Shoulders Video
VIDEO - Here is a yoga sequence for your neck and shoulders. This will help relieve any pain, tension or discomfort that's built up in the neck and shoulder area. Great to practice before going to bed.

Viniyoga, an easier and more adaptable style of yoga for each specific person will be beneficial for those who suffer from severe back and neck pains. In this style of yoga, the continuous poses are adapted to the person's capability and flexibility.

Ashtanga yoga, which is a more rapid type of yoga, may be more appropriate for experienced athletes who experience back pain.

Techniques for Managing Pain

Managing pain by practicing yoga can be explained by breathing, relaxation and meditation. Through breathing practices that can help to relax muscles, it can also reduce the tension felt from the pain in the body. Once you learn how to control your breathing, you help your mind relax and the muscles ease up one by one without having to just mentally push the pain away.

Relaxation is more effective when aided by meditation because the latter helps to clear the mind from any stress or disturbances. If breathing helps to release the tension from the body, meditation will help the mind relax, ending in the total relaxation of both mind and body.

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