Yoga for Kyphosis

Written by Dr. Minakshi Welukar.

Yoga is known to calm your nerves by correcting posture and getting rid of deleterious kyphosis.

Kyphosis, a spinal abnormality, not only hampers your look but also affects your physical well-being. As kyphosis can create a speculative impression among your peers, it’s a major source of frustration. Your mood and your productivity can also be affected with such abnormality.

locust pose

Not to worry, yoga is your best supporter if you are living with hurtful symptoms of kyphosis. Yoga is a great way to get extra mileage by correcting posture, sustaining a positive mood and enhancing your body’s internal energy.

Kyphosis Leading to Abnormality

Kyphosis is an abnormal spinal posture characterized by excessive rounding of the thoracic spine (portion between the upper and middle back). A popular train of thought is that osteoporosis, degenerative diseases, and vitamin D deficiency can lead to Kyphosis. However, a carefree lifestyle with poor posture is precisely the reason why you notice an excessive curve in your back.

Kyphosis restricts body mobility and hampers normal breathing that can disturb daily functioning. Excessive hunchback ruins your cosmetic appearance too and keeps you feeling “less than” your colleagues. Additionally, kyphosis leads to loss of balance and increases chances of falling, difficulty sleeping and persistent backaches.

Yoga for Kyphosis

Your back movements don’t flow quite as smoothly as they should when you have an excessive curve. Because the back is the main supporter of the body, it’s extremely important to ensure its curve and function for all the actions it has to perform. The general rule is to keep moving to maintain spinal alignment.

A study assessing the effects of yoga among women with hyperkyphosis showed that yoga is safe, acceptable and can improve posture. A pilot study published in the American Journal of Public Health stated that: women with hyperkyphosis who were offered hatha yoga experienced positive physical and mental effects. Women who had practiced hatha yoga, a combination of breathing and movement, showed an increased postural awareness and a more elongated spine. Women showed an improved sense of well-being, a feeling of relaxation and a peaceful state of mind.

Each yoga pose has an aim to accomplish a particular target. As yoga poses are approached with a calm and meditative mindset, the body can achieve a definite goal. So yoga in a comprehensive manner can help deal with the physical and mental issues of kyphosis.

Benefits of Yoga to Correct Kyphosis

Yoga poses for Kyphosis

Yoga poses beneficial in reducing excessive rounding of the thoracic spine are:

Ensure your yoga trainer is knowledgeable enough to advise you suitable poses for correcting Kyphosis. Practice those that work best for you and enjoy a graceful and healthy life.

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