Yoga for Hearing Loss

Written by Dr. Minakshi Welukar.

Hearing loss is the most frequently occurring and devastating medical ailments. However, yoga seems to root its foot in dealing with various ear problems and subsequently prevention of hearing loss.

yoga for hearing loss

Ear infection, ear pain, clogged ear, ringing in the ear and dizziness are common ear problems all around. These symptoms can cause feelings of panic. Those with any symptoms should be very cognizant of the harm associated with ear problems as many of them can lead to hearing loss. So; virtually, all people should take steps to prevent the development of ear problems with incidental hearing loss.

Hearing Loss: A Major Ear Problem

The ear is the organ of hearing and body balance. Long term cold and cough are the chief causes for a majority of ear problems. Unattended ear infections and listening to music for a long period can lead to significant hearing loss. Likewise, diabetes, high blood pressure and painkillers could also raise the risk for hearing problems. Hearing loss has a more profound effect in all areas of life. It curtails day to day activities and hampers social performance. Hearing loss is a much bigger problem than we thought, and hence definitely a cause for medical attention.

Yoga Helps to Overcome Hearing Loss

Hearing depends on the functioning of the inner ear, also called a hearing apparatus. Functioning of hearing apparatus depend on small blood vessels and nerves in the inner ear. People suffering from hearing loss have a hard time hearing due to damage in hearing apparatus. Regular yoga practice improves blood supply and function of nerves. Yoga also takes care of other health issues and offers a lifetime of good health. This makes yoga a powerful complimentary treatment to control ear problems.

Improving Blood Circulation to Ear

Yoga postures with deep breathing exercises increase oxygen rich blood flow to the ear area. Stretching, muscle relaxation, and deep breathing techniques performed under yoga have a positive impact on heart, blood circulation and blood pressure. A good blood supply to the ears improve the functioning of nerves. An increase of blood supply takes out the toxins from infected ear and helps to reduce ear infection and ear pain as well.

Relaxing Neck Region

Majority of blood vessels supplying blood to the ears are passed though the neck. Rigidity in neck muscles due to any reason can hamper a blood flow to the ears and affect ear function. Regular yoga practice brings complete relaxation to the neck area.

Yoga for Neck and Shoulders
Here is a yoga sequence for your neck and shoulders. This will help relieve any pain, tension or discomfort that's built up in the neck and shoulder area. Great to practice before going to bed.

Dealing with Medical Issues

Yoga has already got a positive reputation as a complementary treatment approach in curing other health ailments. Many studies have focused on the role of yoga in overcoming medical illnesses like diabetes and blood pressure, which can contribute in deafness. Yoga can improve the capacity to tolerate pain and help to reduce intake of painkillers.

What’s more, yoga provides mental comfort and builds up immunity that can help prevent ear infections. Here are some yoga poses that are effective in coping with any ear problems:

Additional tips for ear care:

These are the basic steps that have acted as stepping stones to better ear health.

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