Yoga for Golfers

As an activity that offers lots of health benefits including for increasing physical and mind strength, yoga has drawn many sports enthusiasts and professionals to be practiced in order to increase their performance. In order to fulfill the needs of these individuals, many yoga experts and gurus have developed various yoga training programs that are created specifically for certain sport branches including golf.

Many golfers have practiced the yoga for golfers exercises and feel that they have gained lots of benefits from it, especially in helping them to improve focus and increase their flexibility. A lot of these golfers also feel that by practicing yoga they don't suffer any back pain anymore.

yoga for golfers

Yoga Helps Strengthen Core Muscles

A stronger core is absolutely needed when you are serious about your golf game. Having a stronger core will give strength to your back and your midsection will also become more stable, thus more power you can generate when swinging your golf club.

A yoga pose that will help you strengthen this part of your body is called plank pose. This pose is performed by going down on your knee with your hands situated below your shoulders and then move your arms straight. Then straighten your legs and support your body with your arms while you are tightening your stomach.

Increasing Flexibility for Golfers

Having flexible hips will make your golf swing better with maximum power and speed, and if you can achieve this then it would be a really great advantage for you to improve your game.

To enhance hip flexibility with the help of yoga, lay down on your back with your knees curved, push your feet out a little further than your mat. Breathe in and delicately transfer the knees to your left, align the knees and then breathe out. Swap knees to the right and then do it again a couple of times on both sides.

7 Yoga Poses for Hips Video
VIDEO - Tight hips are a common problem for most people. The hip tightness is caused by prolonged periods of sitting, either at work, in front of a computer, watching TV, eating your meals or driving. Here are 7 yoga poses for your hip flexors.

Yoga will Give Stronger Back

One of the most common injury in golf is back pain. This type of injury is not only very annoying for golfers but it can cost a lot of money and a long treatment to completely heal. Practicing the proper yoga can help golfers to prevent any back injury, and this is one of the main reasons why so many golfers are practicing yoga outside of their regular exercise.

In order to strengthen your back and prevent back injuries practicing the knee to chest pose is really helpful. Rest on your back and then breathe in taking one knee to your chest. Breathe out then bring down the leg, change sides taking the other leg to your chest. Replicate fifteen times, ending with two legs towards your chest.

Better Breathing and Relaxation of Mind

Focus and concentration is vital when you play golf. You'll never have a great game if you cannot fully focus and concentrate on your swing and on your target. With yoga you can practice the proper breathing technique that will help you relax your mind and calm your body which will help you to focus and concentrate better during the game.

Breathing is an extremely important part of yoga. Without proper breathing all your hard work practicing various yoga poses will be just like regular stretching. If you really want to get the actual benefits of your yoga exercise, then you should be really serious about learning how to breathe properly.

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