Yoga for Digestion

Yoga is extremely effective for boosting the health of your digestive system. Studies say that the benefits of this practice are so strong that it can be used as part of therapy of serious digestive disorders, like irritable bowel syndrome. One also shouldn’t forget about the evidence-based benefits of yoga for weight loss, which are rather impressive and show that despite the lack of intense cardio stimulation, this type of exercise can help one overcome obesity. The trick is to use the right yoga postures for digestion and understand the how this practice benefits you so you can maximize these positive effects.

fish pose

Why Does Yoga Help?

The most important benefits of yoga for digestion come from the physical aspect of the practice. Some of the postures can create the effect of a massage, but for your insides. This is an excellent way to stimulate blood flow in the abdominal area, thus boosting the health and function of your entire digestive system.

This effect helps fight the problems caused by sedentary lifestyle, which is one of the main causes of the common digestive issues today. However, as yoga isn’t merely a physical practice, its benefits for both digestion and weight loss go far beyond stimulating the physiological.

As states a major qualitative study of yoga effects on weight loss, the positive changes in people using this practice in their program come different factors, including:

The psychological benefits of mindfulness, which is a part of traditional yoga, are particularly significant for weight loss. It turns out that this practice develops awareness of the body so deep that you can even learn to understand and manage your hunger. Remember that when you are looking for ways of how to control your appetite naturally, combining yoga practice with a diet rich in fiber and using tricks, like eating a high-protein breakfast, will make adjusting to your new weight loss diet an easy task. You can also apply the practice of mindfulness to eating, which can help to lose weight and fights emotional eating disorders (Harvard Medical School).

The support coming from the positive and accepting yoga community enhances the psychological benefits of the practice itself. That’s one of the main reasons why yoga for weight loss can greatly benefit people who struggle with confidence and emotional issues.

Best Postures to Use When Practicing Yoga for Digestion

You can incorporate these poses into your usual routine or develop one specifically for digestion. You don’t have to do all of them and be sure to use lighter variations when necessary so your body can adjust.

Do not forget to clear your mind and focus on breathing during the practice. Let the worries and stress fall away while you focus on the flow of energy through your abdominal area. Breathe evenly and let your body relax and go deep into each posture.

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