Yoga for Balancing Women Hormones

Yoga is a mystery; its healing benefits never cease to amaze me. Benefits of some asanas go as deep as balancing the hormones, so yoga can be practiced to nourish hormonal balance for women.

yoga to keep you slim

I have been living and working on Bali since 2012 and yoga practice is a mainstream for those living here and for tourists alike. There are many yoga studios, yoga teachers, trainings, from around the world, that excel in various types of yoga.

It is a great place to be on the loop for the latest applications of yoga practice. Last time I was in Ubud, I ventured into a class called Yoga for Women and it turned out to be quite a treat.

I have been practicing yoga for 9 years and I personally enjoy a hearty workout with power yoga, hatha or vinyasa, but this class was completely the opposite. I enjoyed it, though.

Yoga for women is intended for releasing stress and bringing to awareness relationship with our bodies and focus on treating it with kindness. Women bodies are delicate but powerful instruments and keeping balance can be quite a challenge in stressful environment, poised between work and family life, and taking time for self. By balancing hormones we can reduce painful periods, PMS, improve the regularity of ovulations and menstrual cycles. We create harmonious relationships with our bodies, and our sexuality and reproduction.

Stress and toxins from environment and dietary habits are the main culprits for hormonal imbalance of a healthy woman body, according to dr MatoTarle, MD Ob-Gyn.

This practice is gentle, and soothing. It focuses on asanas that open hips, elongate the spine and concentrate on four important glands that are guardians of balance of the female hormonal system:

  1. Pituitary gland - located behind the eyebrow centre is in charge of sexual development and reproductive function, as the master gland it controls other glands.
  2. Thyroid gland - located behind the collar bone is in charge of how our bodies use energy to perform functions (metabolism) and the sensitivity of body towards other hormones.
  3. Adrenal glands - are based above the kidneys and besides other hormones they are in charge of producing sex hormones.
  4. Ovaries - based in the pelvic region are responsible in producing female hormones.

For best results, yoga practice should stimulate all the four glands, to achieve synergy. Here are several yoga poses for balancing each gland.

  1. The tree pose, triangle, warrior and firefly pose - all the balance poses are great for stimulating pituitary gland.
  2. Rabbit pose - Sasangasana kneeling forward bend with crown of the head on the floor stretches the spine and stimulates the thyroid gland.
  3. Camel pose - Ustrasana - a back bend opens the heart and stimulates thyroid gland.
  4. Easy pose - Sukasana - opens the hips and stimulates the adrenal gland.
  5. Butterfly pose - Titaliasana - for releasing stress from the hips and strengthening the pelvic floor and adrenals.
  6. Sitting head to knee pose - Janushirshasana.
  7. Cobra pose - Bhujangasana.
  8. Cat Yoga Pose - Marjariasana, the 6, 7 and 8 poses are all great for balancing ovaries as they open the area of lower spine and focus on the pelvic area.
  9. Legs up the wall pose - Viparita Karani is an mild inversion that releases tension in the legs and stimulates ovaries.

Health conditions that should abstain this type of practice:

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