A Magnificent Yoga Attribute

Bracelets are multifunctional, beautiful attributes which have been used in the culture of diverse nations. Depending on the meaning, bracelets have been considered the magnificent costume jewelry for women, a mystical ceremonial attribute, as well as a tool for performing Eastern practices. The bracelets have been usually made of bones, stones, wood, shells, pearls, which have embodied the Earth and life. Hindu jewelry is the vividest and the most extraordinary one, since India is known for its incredible brightness and jewelry traditions. Women wear protective amulets for their whole life: the amulets help them overcome difficulties, become a symbol of fertility and spiritual wealth.

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Bracelets And Their Meaning In Yoga

Yogis believe that yoga bracelet meaning is really multifarious – it combines energy vibrations and helps find the meaning of life. The bracelets are usually differ from each other by the material they are made of, their color, the number of beads, their form and ornament. It also matters when and how the bracelet has been made as well as who has made it. It’s worth mentioning the fact that almost every Yoga jewelry is handmade and has its own individual energy.

Shamballa is considered to be one of the most widespread Yoga bracelets nowadays. It is made of stones, wood or metal and has several eye-catching beads threaded on the cord. It is believed the semi precious stones used when making a Shamballa may influence a person’s life, so people usually give preferences to the bracelets with hematite, agate, kallait or cat's eye.

It’s also believed Shamballa bracelets of diverse colors may open and activate different chakras and have an influence on a person’s life in lots of different ways. Black bracelets bring you more energy and power, red ones bring passion and love, white ones are responsible for purity and profundity of thought, yellow bracelets help you strengthen will power, while green ones are good for your heart and help you find balance in life.

The Meaning Of Bracelets for Women

Why do women in India wear bracelets and lay special emphasis on them? Bracelet is really important for all the Indian brides – it is essential a married woman or the one who is going to get married to always wear a bracelet. There are lots of different beliefs in India. Such a way, some think that a woman should wear a golden bracelet with glass beads which increases her husband and sons’ prosperity, while others believe such bracelet improves women’s blood circulation. It’s also forbidden for widows to wear glass bracelets in some cultures.

It’s no secret beads colors have a special meaning. Here are some of them:

Modern Indian women don’t adhere to the tradition as they have before; they usually wear bracelets regardless of their social standing, however lay special emphasis on their family traditions and place of living.

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