Namastegg Starter Kit

I received a Namastegg Starter Kit from Three Minute Egg, which comes with 2 medium sized yoga blocks, in the shape of an egg, their signature backpack and an Alignment and Flow DVD, which guides you through a yoga practice using the blocks.

These blocks come with a unique shape that compliments the body, as we are not square. These oval shaped eggs are great for restorative poses, but also great to support standing poses to rest your palms.

A great gift for those who want to stretch a little deeper, and yogis always need props to deepen their practice.

Namastegg Starter Kit

An ergonomic yoga block designed to work with the shape of your body, the Three Minute Egg® offers an unparalleled combination of comfort, protection, and support in both dynamic and restorative postures. No matter what style of yoga you enjoy, regardless what level of flexibility you have attained, the Three Minute Egg® will add new dimensions to your practice.

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