Yoga Bitch (Calm down; it's the name of a book)

Written by Joslyn Hamilton.

I just finished reading Suzanne Morrison's memoir Yoga Bitch, a cheeky account of her attempt to get enlightened at a cultish yoga teacher training in Bali. I really enjoyed this book. As a disclaimer, I have to add that it was sent to me by her publicist in the hopes that I would review it favorably on sites just like this one. And to sweeten the pot, Suzanne wrote a great piece recently for my own web site, Recovering Yogi. But, you guys, I swear on Buddha's tree, I really loved this book. It was the sort of story that keeps one up until the wee hours, resulting in what we nerds like to call a reading hangover (just one step lower than a sugar hangover in terms of nerdness).

yoga bitch

As a wary yogi myself, there is nothing I appreciate more in a spiritual seeker than the ability to laugh at oneself. So I really adored Suzanne's self-deprecating account of her extended yoga immersion in Bali, and how it altered her personality and affected her soul. From the part where she gets all smug-enlightened after basically hyperventilating during a pranayama exercise to her lingering hesitancy to buy in to the urine-swilling cult she found herself engaged with, I related to a this story of a one-foot-in-one-foot-out yogi trying to reconcile her own down-to-earth belief system with a powerful ancient practice that can sometimes be a freak magnet.

As someone who spent many years in the yoga industry as both a willing participant and a behind-the-scenes assistant to a major yoga teacher, I am oh too familiar with the sometimes holier-than-thou attitude of the yoga elite. I myself spent many hours of my life trying to cleave the truly wise from the fake-it-til-you-make-it crowd, and rationalizing what I knew of my own teacher's personal life as it lined up (or didn't) with what he preached.

But although Suzanne's book raised a lot of interesting questions about the yoga world for me (and inflamed my PTSD a wee bit), I was mostly just fascinated by the whole concept of DRINKING ONE'S OWN PEE.

Let's talk about this.

Okay first, it's disgusting. Being basically a scientist at heart, I just can't get past the simple fact that urine is a waste product. I have a subscription to National Geographic, y'all, so I know that humans evolved with a gag reflex for a reason: to keep us from doing stupid things like drinking our own pee.

And while I can concede that some predilections are simply cultural - like the way we Americans think it's disgusting to eat insects, while in some countries it's a delicacy - I suspect that urine-drinking is not in this category.

I was riveted by this plot arc while reading Yoga Bitch, and while I don't want to give away any spoilers, I found myself wondering just how susceptible I myself would be in a circumstance like Suzanne's: living halfway around the world in a highly persuasive yoga community with a bunch of people who I perhaps admired and also kind of feared, surrounded by otherwise solid advice and positive results, being implored on a daily basis to c'mon, just try it. Just drink your own pee. Just this once.

I'd like to think I have the conviction to Just Say No. But the truth is, I've done many silly things in the name of yoga. There but for the grace of God go I.

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After ten years in the yoga industry as a teacher, studio manager, and minion for alleged gurus, Joslyn Hamilton launched a freelance writing business. Outside Eye Consulting's mission is to help each client clarify their message and get their word out to the world. Joslyn is a regular contributor at Elephant Journal. With Vanessa Fiola and Leslie Munday, she co-founded Recovering Yogi, a refuge for the spiritually disenfranchised. Joslyn is based in Marin County, California.

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