Yoga Can Help Prevent Suicide

Most of us witness stories about suicide in movies or in TV shows, but many individuals are not aware on just how real this problem is. According to the World Health Organization, around 3,000 people commit suicide everyday. That would mean that for every 30 seconds, a person takes his or her own life. This rate is very alarming, especially since suicide is no joke. When people commit suicide, it is not only their lives that end up being affected as the lives of their family and friends will be damaged forever because of this selfish act. There are many reasons that can lead to suicide, however the most common cause for suicide is depression.

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Depression is also another problem that plagues millions of people, and it can affect anyone, regardless of their age. Everyone is susceptible to developing clinical depression, but anyone who has this ailment can help himself or herself recover as well. A lot of people are afraid of seeking medical help to treat depression because they don't want to take the drugs that may end up causing more harm than good.

Some people aren't aware that there are a lot of alternative treatments for depression, and an example of this alternative treatment is yoga. By performing yoga, one can greatly reduce the feelings of worthlessness, and other negative thoughts that can usually lead to the development of depression. Once depression is lessened, the chances of performing self-harm will decrease as well. We've included in our article a brief discussion on how yoga can greatly help someone recover from depression and prevent suicide, as well as an explanation on how yoga can be an excellent alternative treatment for depression.

How Yoga Can Help

Depression can be due to chemical factors. Whenever one is happy, this is usually caused by an abundant amount of endorphins in their body. A person who is depressed may have a low endorphin level. Yoga can help reduce depression by providing the body with more endorphins. Once the endorphin level of the body is increased, the negative thoughts and unhappy disposition will be lessened as well.

A lot of people have the false notion that yoga is just all about stretching and performing strange poses. These poses can actually place a strain on the different glands and organs of the body, helping them increase the production of chemicals that can make a person feel better. The positions that are recommended for those who want to treat depression are the shoulder stand, sun salutations and relaxation position. Yoga experts believe that the sun salutation stretches the body and the organs, thus increasing the amount of oxygen received by the entire body. If a person receives an adequate amount of oxygen, their muscles will become stronger. With the right amount of oxygen, the individual performing yoga will feel more awake and alive.

Meditation is a large part of yoga. While it may seem like the person is simply sitting down or dozing off, this is an exercise that should not be underestimated. Many yoga experts believe that meditation can be used as an efficient therapy for depression. When a person is performing yoga, they are able to de-stress and remove all the negative thoughts and ideas that have been plaguing their minds. Meditation can also help a person focus on the present. By performing meditation religiously, one can reach enlightenment. Most people who commit suicide do so because of their fear of the past and the future. Meditation can assist a person erase these fears, and can help an individual appreciate the things that are happening right now.

Yoga As An Alternative Treatment For Depression

If you're wondering on what exactly are the benefits of yoga, here are a couple of reasons that may help you make up your mind.


Although yoga has a lot of benefits, one has to remember that this discipline may not work for everyone. Those who are suffering from severe depression are discouraged from using yoga as their only treatment for depression. Individuals with severe depression must seek the help of a medical professional. This is the same for those who are suffering from a bipolar disorder.

Performing yoga will require a lot of motivation, which is something that most people with depression don't have. Yoga also isn't an exercise that one should perform without the supervision of an expert, especially if one doesn't have any previous experience with performing yoga. If a person performs yoga on their own, they are at risk of pulling several muscles and creating strains. Supervision is required for first-timers and depressed individuals alike. Yoga is also an exercise that is highly contraindicated for women who are pregnant. Individuals who have a serious heart, bone or lung condition are also discouraged from performing yoga.

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