Yoga and Singles

If you're looking to meet a fit and healthy companion, then joining a yoga studio and starting to include yoga in your life could be an answer. When you are joining a yoga studio and follow their regular sessions it is likely that you will meet a lot of potential companions that have the same interests as you, or at least you will have the chance to meet somebody that really cares about his/her health.

partner yoga for singles

As a matter of fact, today there are so many yoga studios all over the country offering a special session that is usually called 'yoga for singles' or sometimes also known as 'partner yoga'. This is perhaps their effort in answering the growing trend amongst yoga enthusiasts that also try to get a partner while practicing yoga which is proven to be quite effective. On the other hand, for those of you who are already tired of online dating or the regular dating scene, this could be an interesting alternative.

Yoga for singles is actually a session that requires the participants to be partnered with the opposite sex while doing the yoga movements. Usually before the session begins the instructor would ask the participants to place their mats in boy-girl arrangement, this way everyone will get a partner from the opposite sex to practice yoga together. This will give you a chance to flirt or get familiar with each before deciding if you might want to get to know one another a little better.

It might feel uncomfortable at first doing various yoga poses with somebody you just met, especially if you are somewhat a shy person, but usually the instructors in yoga for singles sessions have their ways to melt the situation and make you feel comfortable in doing all the movements.

For example, they understand that when people are trying to get a date they will try to look their best, especially women, they will try to be as beautiful as possible with make up and everything. However, like it or not, yoga is a physical activity, that means there will be lots of sweat involved, and so there goes your make up. This situation is anticipated by dimming the lights before the session begins. Also in order to get rid of the awkwardness they will create a cozy atmosphere in the studio by lighting up some candles and turn on the heater for a fire-warm effect.

These days it wouldn't be so hard for you to look for a yoga studio that offers yoga for singles no matter where you live. It's a fast growing trend in the country so there are a lot of yoga studios that are carrying out these unique sessions for singles.

There are even some yoga studios that combine yoga for singles with speed dating, which makes it more interesting. The instructor will ask the participants to switch partners after a few poses, and usually during the process it is forbidden to talk to your partner. The idea is to create a chemistry between the two by doing some rather simple but intimate poses together.

Not only for singles, partner yoga could also be performed with someone you have been dating with. This is a great way to improve your relationship to a new level. Just like an old saying from the East 'drink the water while you dive', there is nothing wrong about seeking for a date with yoga. While you get the health benefits from it, you can also find a companion that has the same interest and a fan of healthy lifestyle just like you are. If you think again, this makes a lot more sense than various online dating scenes.

Yoga for Dating Video
VIDEO - Before going out on a date, you not only want to look your best, but also feel your best. Having inner peace, calmness and balance is important to keep your mind clear and relaxed for the evening.

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