Yoga and Love

Yoga and Love by Vish Iyer is a book on finding true love that's not superficial, but more of a soul to soul connection. To find love, you need to first love yourself, and live a life where where you become a magnet for attracting a soulmate.

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The books shows you how to change your inner and outer lifestyle with the yoga traditions of India. You learn how to increase self-awareness and understand yourself from the inside out. When you're happy on the inside, you're happy on the outside, therefore, you become a magnet to attracting true love and success.

Here are some excerpts:

I define love as an ecstatic oneness experience in which there is a forgetfulness of yourself, your lower self. Yoga is a tool to achieve this oneness. It's the most powerful way to find divine love and romantic love.

There are 7 obstacles which are preventing you from find your soulmate.

Yoga and Love starts where "the secret" left off, it is the secret within the secret. Law of attraction is constantly working so is law of repulsion. An average human being has 40-70,000 subconscious thoughts per day. How do you know which ones to manifest? To consciously activate law of attraction you need Yoga.

Yoga and Love is not for those who want to just flirt with love or just into "casual dating" or for friends with benefits. It is for those who believe in love, as the highest expression of human potential along with reverence for its grandness. It is for those who truly live for love and believe they are truly deserving of it from a dream partner.

Most people when they talk about love in the western world they talk about chemistry. What they don't understand is that behind chemistry is energy. Everything is energy. This energy, Prana, is the blueprint of our physical energy. The yoga masters say that the quality of this energy, Prana, determines the quality of things you attract to yourself, whether it be relationships, success in life, health. Everything depends on the quality of your Prana.

Intuition is a gift of God and gift of spirit to every soul and we're meant to use it but the problem is that we're too restless to listen to it. It is constantly giving you direction and not just in love. It's a natural quality of our soul.

Be worthy. Work on yourself. You will attract depending on the person you become. Do not think you are entitled. Do not claim it with arrogance. You can never control love. You can never demand love. You can only give love and become love. The only way to get there is through humility. Once you feel you're worthy of it, your own soul will lead you.

Over 70 to 80 percent of relationships don't work out because people get into bed too early. Sex is an energy that has nothing to do with morality. It's not morality. It's possible through breathing to transmute that energy into creativity.

A person who is really successful in love, career or spiritually has very high prana. A person who's failing in love, nothing is working out for them, health is bad, or suicidal or depressed, the prana is low. This book is all about taking this Pranic energy and going up the scale, building Prana. We are constantly attracting and repelling things.

Once you find love on the inside you can find love on the outside because, there's a beautiful Vedic phrase that says, what you are on the inside will be reflected on the outside.

When you're manifesting and living your highest potential you are vibrating at a very high frequency, you are almost vibrating at the frequency of your soul, your intuitive mind. Things line up and it's an automatic beauty. When you project your highest self, your magnet becomes really powerful, so that a potential partner comes; they are seeing the best of you. When they see the best of you there is a soulful interaction.

If you have ever fantasized about love as you see in fairytale movies and thought it happened only for others, I want to share with you those fairy tales are not a fantasy, it happened to me. My story is better than what they show in happily ever after movies so much so it surprised me enough to leave my high paying software consulting position to helping others find love. My story can very easily be your story as are all meant to find the love of our lives that easily and I am not special.

About Vish and Yoga and Love

Vish Iyer

For the first Time in the western world, comes a book on finding love, true love, that's not based on superficial attraction, dating – tricks or hype rather love – wisdom based on time honored Yoga tradition of India. If you thought Yoga can only fix your physical kinks, you will be in for a pleasant awakening after reading this book! Yoga and love is often called the think and grow rich of relationships. It starts where the secret left off.

Vish, best selling author, is on a mission to heal 15 million singles and couples in the next two years. His unique system of Finding your Soulmate through Yoga stems from his Yoga lineage of several thousand years combined with his science background and personal experience of finding his Soulmate on a movie set. Vish often described as combination of Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins is a leading relationship and world renowned meditation expert.

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