Yin Yoga Beats Alternative Medicine

Written by Andrew Zubriczky.

As a health researcher, I am always on the lookout for "breakthrough" medicine. New technologies and new techniques to help us live better and longer lives- naturally of course! Alternative medicine provides us with many insights and options in this regard. But, no medicine is as powerful as natures own.

yin yoga

Sages through the ages have followed the wisdom of the body; pushing it to the limits and beyond, in order to reach its optimum potential. Through thousands of years of trial and error, and largely unrecognized dedicated devotion, a system of wisdom was born.

Yoga is such a system; it is an applied philosophy of attaining wisdom and balance-mentally, physically and spiritually. Physically, your yoga experience relates to your body, and its placement and posture within your environment, and the related energy flows and balances these create within and around you, as you... "Strike a pose"! And, don't forget your breathing.

Yoga, as many already know, has many forms, styles, and disciplines. Each diversely focusing on the needs of its individual users and devoted adherents. With its many countless benefits, it effortlessly caters to every physical need and disability.

One such form has amazing and long lasting benefits. How's, for the rest of your life sound? It is called Yin Yoga, and it promises to keep your muscles loose, limber, and relaxed; while increasing your muscle strength, stamina, and flexibility, well into your 90's and beyond!

It's all about connective tissue. You know those tough fibrous tissues that form our joints and ligaments. This discipline involves doing sets of poses; where the poses are held longer; and most importantly, while keeping the muscles in a relaxed position.

Fewer poses are done in a session, but afterwards, you feel fit and fantastic; invigorated, with a new surge of blood flow; and, ready to take on the Boston Marathon!

Yin Yoga is especially great for athletes, people into fitness and endurance, martial arts; and basically anyone that wants to optimize their bodies for maximum longevity. Personal experiences aside, believe me; you can create stronger muscles, leaner muscles, through Yin Yoga than through any weightlifting or muscle strengthening exercise. It even beats out isometrics for overall muscle development.

Longer living is not about living in the future; so much as it is about living in the moment, today. Remember this; each tissue in your body remembers every move you make, and as you work on them day to day. So, learn to make the moves that matter most in your life. Learn to benefit from the ancient wonders of Yin Yoga. You'll be amazed at your increased power and strength!

Like peeling back the layers of a good film or story, Yin Yoga has depth and dimension way beyond the ordinary. If properly used, daily in our lives, it can give us greater strength and flexibility, healthier bones and tissues; and, to help lead us out of this unhealthy mess we're in, by greatly strengthening our immune systems in the process.

No medicine is the best medicine....

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