Props to Enhance Meditation Effectiveness

Whether or not you are religious, meditating can be beneficial in many ways which include stress relief, improving your focus, and relieving insomnia. How you meditate can depend on what types of props you decide to use - do you want to set up physical space with candles, incense, and flowers? Or do you prefer more simple methods that are easy to take with you on the go? Decide what's best for you, then buy your props!

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Gemstones and Crystals

Gemstones can be a very essential type of prop when meditating. They give you a way in which to channel energy and keep a relaxed state in a time when your mind typically wants to wander. Some gemstones that are considered grounding include Azurite, which helps alleviate stress, Carnelian, which Increases confidence and creativity, or a crystal such as BuyMoldavite, which helps the user to perceive reality and activate psychic abilities. You can look at BuyMoldavite for some genuine crystals because many sellers are trying to sell fake crystals nowadays. These stones and crystals are important because they also help you to keep a positive state of mind, which is essential for proper meditation.

Scent Diffuser

Essential oils can be used as a prop for meditation, among other things such as skincare and aromatherapy. Different essential oils have different effects. For example, some may help you relax while others help you focus your mind more on your meditation practice. Additionally, there are even certain smells that trigger emotions - lavender is associated with happiness, chamomile with comfort and relaxation, and jasmine with sensuality. When meditating it's good to sniff in smells that bring up strong feelings inside of you - this will allow your body to calm down faster just from smelling them!


Candlelight is a fantastic prop to have during meditation because it helps you focus on your breathing instead of distracting thoughts. Burning incense or very strong-smelling scents can be overwhelming, but with candlelight, you'll want to breathe in the scent more often than not. Candles also help you remain calm by giving off light that's dim enough for your eyes to relax as well. You can try lavender-scented candles if you'd like since they tend to make people feel relaxed and sleepy, which is ideal when meditating!


Flowers are another great prop to use for meditation, even though most people don't think of them right away. They add a nice touch to your space while making everything smell amazing. Flowers are great to look at, and the petals help you tap into your creativity while focusing on breathing in and out. Flower essences can also be used for meditation; for example, if you have a fear of public speaking or even death, there are flower essences that help with these issues. You can buy them online or in natural health stores near you!

Samaya Meditation Cushion

Meditation cushions are a fantastic prop for those who meditate on the floor. You can use them as a seat or even as a pillow if you prefer! They're also great because they give your back support and improve posture, which can reduce back pain in the long run. If you have problems with your hips being too tight, meditation up is also very helpful for loosening these muscles so that it's easier to sit cross-legged or in other positions you might want to try out when meditating!

Being One With Nature

Another fantastic way to meditate is simply by sitting in nature - being surrounded by trees helps people feel connected to their sense of peace. Nature also has its energy that helps us all stay calm when we're stressed. When you go outside during the day it's important to take in the sun - just being in sunlight makes your body produce vitamin D which is essential to have a sense of peace. If you can't get outside or like to meditate in the dark, try turning on dim lights to help your eyes relax while breathing in nice scents for aromatherapy.

All of these methods are great ways to enhance your meditation practice! You can mix and match them however you want - use candles, essential oils, flowers, and crystals all together if you'd like. Be creative with what works best for you! And if you're religious but don't necessarily feel connected to traditional meditation practices, there are plenty of different types of mediation that will appeal more to your personality than traditional ones. Meditation is truly an amazing practice that has changed countless people's lives - it allows us all to find inner peace and clarity that helps us live a more enjoyable life.

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