Weight Loss Treatments in Ayurveda

Gaining weight is probably one of the things that most of us are really challenged with. There are some, who despite their huge appetite will not gain weight while there are others who eat in small portions but will not be able to burn their food well. There are a lot of surgical procedures out there that will address this concern however the fear of going under the knife is too much to handle for some. Then of course there is the question of how much damage it would cost to your pocket.


As we grow older our metabolism also changes and the more we mature, the slower our metabolism rate goes. Thus for some women who are desperate to get rid of those excess weight, they resort to various pills and other medication which in the long run will cause complications to their health.

A few experts advocate weight loss yoga for women. Through the years, several studies conducted in reference to yoga points out that yoga is a good alternative to those diet pills and other exercises. This is mainly because while you are losing weight you are also enhancing your other qualities like flexibility, tranquility and muscle strength.

A sister science of yoga is Ayurveda which is also founded in the Hindu religion. This principle uses therapy and counters obesity through natural weight loss programs. You can have their massage which counters obesity using herbal paste and powders combined. This massage not only reduces weight but is also good in cleansing or detoxifying the body as part of women's health care. It rejuvenates and promotes good blood flow, removes toxins from the body and gives good complexion to your skin.

This practice focuses on the alignment of our bodies with nature. What we take in dictates how our bodies will look like thus we should always watch our diet. The key to this principle is our 'digestive fire' which we should keep burning as this is what dictates our metabolism.

One way to keep our digestive fire or 'agi' burning is to eat food that nourishes it. Food like papaya, mangoes, pineapple and ginger are a few on the list. Our eating pattern should also be put on check noting that lunch time is the perfect time when you can eat a lot since this is when our 'agi' is stronger. We should eat lightly during breakfast and dinner shouldn't be missed but taken lightly.

The practice of sipping hot water should also be observed as this enhances the burning of our digestive fire. Minimize the consumption of raw food and stick with cooked food as these are easy to digest and of course chew your food well.

Weight loss treatments in Ayurveda are the knowledge that we have but we have forgotten through the years. It's a matter of eating the right food at the right time and enhancing your digestion with the right exercise. Yoga has been there to help us strike a balance for a healthy lifestyle.

Yoga to Keep you Slim Video
VIDEO - Here's a sequence of yoga postures that you can practice at home to help keep you slim during the holiday season. Yoga can increase your metabolism and tone your body, mind and spirit. You not only benefit physically, but also mentally.

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