Viki Ackland

Viki Ackland. Published Poet. Editor and Co-creator of Lipstik Indie. She is currently in the finance stages of opening a vegan cafe. Yoga enthusiast for years, vegan and raw practitioner, into healthy living, with a side of fun. Resident of the beach in Toronto.

Staying Young with Yoga

Yoga keeps you young from the inside out. Find out one of the best yoga poses to reverse the aging process. It is said to halt aging altogether, induce enlightenment and can even turn grey hair back to its natural colour.

Raw... Is it the way to go?

The benefits of eating raw foods are unbelievable. Endless energy, great skin, renewed sex drive, reduced risk of disease, plus you just feel sexy and confident when you are healthy and fit.

Has Yoga Become Too Commercialized?

Most advertisement regarding yoga show a room full of lovely, proportionate young people who are donning the most fashionable and expensive outfits one can purchase. Has Yoga Become Too Commercialized?

Allergic to Life or Food?

We go through life eating things that attack our bodies, not researching the vast array of genetically modified foods, and not questioning what is really good for us, and our families. Are we becoming allergic to life or food?

Yoga and Staying Young

Those who practice a vigorous form of yoga just three hours a week are investing in maintaining a youthful glow by switching on the anti-aging hormones that slow down the process from the inside out.

Yoga and Stress

Yoga can help to calm your mind and keep you balanced after a rough break up. It is great for stress reduction as it quiets the mind, so that you are not always in the moment that is causing negative feelings.

Health and Vegans

Viki Ackland has been a vegetarian for thirty years. She is sharing with us the health benefits of maintaining proper nutrition with eating dark green vegetables, and avoiding dairy products and meats.