Review Videos

Here are some video reviews of products that's I've recieved, yoga studios that I've tried and my travel experiences and adventures.

5 Self-Love Yoga Products
You deserve self love. 5 Self-Love yoga products to focus on taking care of yourself and awaken your senses. If you love yoga why not spoil yourself a little.
Bubble Yoga
I practiced yoga in a bubble, a dome that has a greenhouse effect that's calming on the mind, body and soul. I really got to enjoy all the nature around me.
$3000 Lululemon Haul
I recently indulged in a $3000 shopping spree at Lululemon. Talk about self love! I also like to look good when working out, as my confidence shines.
Booty Building Workout
Here is a booty building routine to tone your butt using ankle weights to add resistance, which is optional. This video is brought to you by Reehut, which provided all the exercise equipment.
Getting a Spa Facial
I got to experience a spa treatment at Coco Beauty Bar in Toronto. I really enjoyed this 1 hour facial/peel that left me with glowing, smooth skin. Thanks so much for having me.
How to Use Yoga Straps
Yoga straps are perfect for help holding yoga poses, increasing flexibility and physical therapy. The Sukhi Yoga Straps are the softest D-Ring strap, made with super soft material.
Cabana Pool Bar Yoga Flow
I got to practice yoga this summer at the Yoga Flow Prana Party at Cabana Pool Bar. A fun yoga class by the pool. By Carmelinda Di Manno and Stephanie Mills.
How I Started LexiYoga
A lot of people wonder how I got hooked on yoga and changed my life around. This all happened in a matter of months. It was quite an amazing journey.
Toronto Yoga Conference
Join me, as I go through the Yoga Conference 2017 at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto. See me walk through all the yoga booths and check out yoga products.
Yogi Surprise
I'm loving March's Yogi Surprise Lifestyle and Jewelry Box filled with yoga inspired items that are perfect for any yoga enthusiast. It's literally a retreat in a box.
Yoga Holiday Gift Guide
Wondering what to buy a yogi other than a yoga mat? Check out my top 10 recommended YOGA‬ Holiday Gift Guide 2015. Happy shopping!
UrthBox Unboxing
I received a box full of goodies from UrthBox, which is a monthly subscription package of healthy natural, organic, non-GMO and vegan snacks delivered to your door.
Tata Harper Skincare
I believe in natural beauty, so I was super excited to try out some products from Tata Harper's Skincare line, which are 100% natural, and many of the ingredients are grown on their organic farm.
Welcome Yoga Video
Welcome to my yoga channel. Here you can learn the basics of yoga, and how the practice can heal you from within. Subscribe to my channel on YouTube and enjoy.
Aerial Yoga
Aerial Yoga is practicing yoga postures from a silk material hanging down from the ceiling. It was so much fun and amazing to be hanging upside down, as I got a rush of endorphins.
Best of Lexi Yoga
The Best of LexiYoga - Here are clips of the best yoga videos done over the past two years. Check out where LexiYoga shoots her videos.
Boulder Hike Video - Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference
I got to attend aday excursion hike in Boulder. Sitting on the smooth sun drenched rocks beneath the Royal Arch was definitely the highlight of my trip to Denver.
Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference 2012
I was invited to attend the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference 2012 in Denver, Colorado. It was an amazing trip. I got to hike up the Royal Arch, Flatiron Hills in Boulder.
Iyashi Bedrock Spa Yoga
I'm at the Iyashi Bedrock Spa, where I practice some yoga postures on a hot bedrock. This is the first Japanese rock bathing spa in North America, where you can sweat your stress away.
LexiYoga's 3rd Birthday
Today April 3rd 2012 is LexiYoga's 3rd Birthday. With ongoing writers, videos, inspirational quotes, music and more, this unique beautiful website has become quite successful.
My Trip to China
I visited China in 2004 and went to the Forbidden City, Beijing Palace Museum, Imperial Palace, Great Wall of China, Terracotta Warriors in Xian and then lived in Shanghai teaching English.
Studio Lagree
I'm on location at Studio Lagree trying the Megaformer Pilates machine with Sebastien Lagree. He's a celebrity fitness guru who invented the Lagree Fitness workout. Sweat baby sweat!
Tea Sparrow Review
I received a lovely tea box from Tea Sparrow. Here, I'll be opening and reviewing the herbal tea package. I'll also be showing you how to make some loose leaf Sangria tea, which is absolutely delicious.
Thai Yoga Massage
I got to experience a Thai yoga massage at the Still Light Centre in Toronto with Shai Plonski. My spine became more elongated, shoulders opened up and tension released.
Top 10 Yoga Studios in Toronto
See the top 10 yoga studios in Toronto that are worth checking out. Each studio offers a different experience. Some are hot, and some are not, but there is something for every yoga enthusiast.
Yin Yoga at Iyashi Spa
I'm practicing some yin yoga postures on a hot bedrock that's heated to 44C. There are many therapeutic benefits to experiencing a hot yoga session at Iyashi Spa.