Meditation Videos

Meditations balance your mind, body and soul by reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and normalizing your hormonal levels. Choose your favorite meditation, and be sure to practice daily for best results.

Bathtub Self-Love Meditation
This self-love meditation is a beautiful daily practice that nourishes your whole body with love. It's designed to take you on journey through your body, deeply listening along the way.
Bathtub Meditation
A bathtub can be a lovely place to meditate, like a sanctuary for your own pleasure. Feel the movements of the water on your skin. Make your senses feel delighted and charmed by the warm water.
Attracting Money Meditation
A guided meditation to attract prosperity and money into your life. 105 minutes of a joyful spiritual journey to increase abundance, wealth and financial luck.
Manifest True Love Meditation while you Sleep
Manifest and attract a loving relationship while you sleep. It works when your subconscious mind is most comfortable and open to suggestion when you are in an unconscious state of mind.
Manifest Miracles Meditation while you Sleep
Manifest miracles while you sleep on a subconscious level. Focused attention can take that miracle you created and manifest it into reality. Listen daily for best results.
Attract Anyone you Desire
Be on their mind using the power of telepathy. This relaxing attract anyone you desire subliminal video will allow you to be on anyone’s mind using subliminal messages and the law of attraction.
Attract Abundance Meditation
Attract an abundance of money, prosperity, luck and success. Listen to Binaural Beats Frequency before sleep to magnetize you to attract wealth, riches and abundance.
Yoga Nidra Meditation
Yoga Nidra Meditation is a simple method of achieving deep relaxation by putting the body to sleep while remaining consciously aware. It is a gateway to the experience of the eye, the true self.
Seated Chakra Meditation
Here is a meditation to draw awareness to your chakras. Travel the energy through your chakras to feel balanced. Find your liberation, all knowing and inner peace within all your energy points.
Why Meditation?
In between our thoughts, there are silent spaces. The goal of meditation is to increase the time of this silent space between our thoughts. This will ultimately give us relaxation.
6 Easy Meditation Tips
Here are 6 easy meditation tips to help clear your mind. Make meditation a priority for yourself just like you would for everything else that's important.
Abundance Meditation
This 30 minute abundance meditation will increase gratitude, love and success in your life. It teaches living in the present moment and being open to give and to receive.
Seated Meditation by the Sea
Studies have shown that it doesn't matter much how you meditate, just as long as you do it regularly. This seated yoga meditation will surely relax you and increase your patience and endurance.
Relaxation Meditation
In this video, I'm going to talk you through a 6 minute relaxing meditation. You can sit comfortably or lie down, but I must warn you, if you lie down, you might fall asleep.
Breathing Meditation
Here is a breathing meditation exercise that uses your breath to calm your mind. Try to sit for at least 20-30 minutes a day, keeping your mind completely focused on your breath.
Candle Gazing Meditation
Candle Gazing Meditation strengthens your physical eyes and the nerve centres in your forehead. It's also a powerful psychic cleanser of the ajna chakra, and promotes intense concentration.
Chakra Meditation
This chakra meditation exercise brings awareness to your higher energy centres. It is most helpful when you reinforce it with a regular yoga asana practice, self-analysis and positive activities.
Colour Meditation
This meditation uses the colours of each individual chakra to restore balance. It helps you to let go of strong, negative emotions and brings the solar plexus chakra into balance.
Letting Go Meditation
This meditation will help you to let go of negative tendencies and tensions. Take in joy. Experience the grace that arises in your mind after it has been purified through concentrated effort.
Love Meditation
Here is a love meditation to help attract more love into your life. It will also open your heart chakra to allow you to give and receive more gratitude and compassion in your life.
Purification Meditation
This is a powerful cleansing and purifying meditation that rids you of negative or destructive thoughts and thought patterns. It also allows you to balance your crown chakra.
OM Meditation
The chanting of 'OM' has a positive effect on your nervous system. Here is an OM Meditation to help awaken latent physical and mental powers. OM is the original mantra.
Yoga to Open your Heart
Here is a yoga meditation exercise to open your heart to give and receive more love. It is from the book - 'The Eight Human Talents.' You repeat the movement 26 times focusing on your third eye.