Yoga for Health Videos

Yoga has many benefits to your health, ranging from improving your metabolism to curing insomnia. Heal aches and pains with a daily practice and avoid future health problems.

Fire Up your Sacral Chakra
Fire up your sacral chakra and get your creative juices flowing. This yoga sequence brings awareness to your spine, hips, and pelvis to let your juices flow naturally.
5 Yoga Poses for Feet
Your feet need a little love and attention. When you stretch the arch or the sole of the foot you improve flexibility and loosen tension. Soothe and strengthen your feet with these 5 yoga poses. Your feet will feel amazing.
Yoga to Prevent Rounded Shoulders
Slouching forward over a desk or phone can cause rounded shoulders. Here are 6 yoga poses to realign the posture of the spine, shoulders and neck and prevent rounded shoulders.
Yoga to Keep you Grounded
On an energetic level, our sense of grounding comes from the root chakra (muladhara). Here are 4 yoga poses to make you feel connected, secure and grounded.
5 Yoga Poses for Grief Relief
Grief is hard to deal with, especially when you lose a person, job or even a pet. This can put a heavy weight on your mind and body. Yoga can rejuvenate both mental peace and physical strength.
9 Yoga Poses for Digestion
Experiencing bloating and uneasiness after indulging in a heavy, high calorie meal is quite common these days. Here are some yoga poses that can help to improve and strengthen your digestion.
Yoga Therapy for Feet
Here are some foot exercises that combine yoga therapy and self massage using a tennis ball. They will open up ankle joints and stretch out the muscles within your feet.
5 Better Back Yoga Poses
Here are 5 yoga exercises that help prevent back pain, eliminate back fat and strengthen the condition of your back. Practice daily or at least 3-4 times a week for best results.
Why Your Brain Loves Yoga
Ever wonder why you feel so good and relaxed after a yoga class? Studies have been made to prove that yoga boosts the GABA levels in your brain making you feel happy, with no side effects.
6 Yoga Poses for Anxiety
Anxiety is described as a feeling of uneasiness, uncertainty and powerlessness. Here are 6 yoga poses that involve slow movements and pranayama breathing to help with anxiety.
5 Yoga Poses for Headaches
Having bad posture and a lack of oxygen can affect your respiratory system. which can cause muscle tension, resulting in headaches. Practice these poses daily to prevent headaches.
5 Yoga Poses for Depression
The physical effort and focus on breathing and relaxation in yoga poses can help with depression symptoms. Here are 5 yoga poses that can improve your mood and beat depression.
10 Yoga Poses for Stress
Most people complain of feeling stressed by the pressures of life. Yoga can calm your nervous system and relax your mind and body, which is needed to heal the physiological effects of stress.
3 Yoga Poses to Keep you Cool during Summer
During the summer it's best to engage in gentle and cooling exercises to keep your internal cooling system working at it's best. Check out 3 yoga postures to keep you cool during the summer.
4 Yoga Poses for Throat Chakra
The throat chakra relates to speech, hearing, communication and self-expression. Here is a video of 4 yoga postures that can help to open and balance your throat chakra.
4 Yoga Poses to Improve Sleep
It has been claimed that on average, for every minute you do yoga you will need one minute less of sleep. Here are 4 yoga postures to improve sleep and promote relaxation.
5 Yoga Poses for Heart Chakra
The heart chakra is governed by love, creativity and your sense of touch. Here is a video of 5 yoga postures to open your heart and give you the ability to express love to yourself and others.
5 Yoga Poses for Swimmers
Here are 5 yoga postures that should be practiced regularly before swimming to help increase your flexibility, tone your body and give you extra strength to swim more effortlessly.
6 Yoga Poses for Strong Legs
Here are 6 yoga poses for strong legs. Practicing these postures on a regular basis will improve your leg strength and flexibility. You can also add muscular definition to your lower body over time.
7 Yoga Poses for Hips
Tight hips are a common problem for most people; caused by prolonged periods of sitting, either at work, in front of a computer, watching TV or driving. Here are 7 yoga poses for your hip flexors.
7 Yoga Postures for Pregnancy
The practice of yoga during pregnancy can not only keep you physically fit, but also mentally prepared for the birth. Here are yoga postures to help alleviate pregnancy pains and discomforts.
8 Yoga Poses for Relaxation
I'm on location in Denver Colorado on Mountain Lookout Point. I'm practicing a yoga sequence to calm, and nourish your nervous system. This will relax your mind and body.
8 Yoga Postures to Increase Energy
Practicing yoga increases your energy, power, strength and endurance, while strengthening weak or under-activated areas of the body. Here are 8 yoga postures to increase energy.
Yoga for Runners
Here is a sequence of 12 yoga poses to balance and stretch you out before going for a run. Yoga can help to strengthen, stretch and lengthen your muscles to help reduce injury.
Nadi Shodhana - Alternate Nostril Breathing
Nadi Shodhana is a breathing yogi technique known as alternate nostril breathing that can decrease your resting heart rate in just six weeks. Here is a video with instruction on Nadi Shodhana.
Sun Salutations to Balance Chakras
Sun salutations you can cultivate your inner and outer energy. It is one of the most unifying and balancing sequences in yoga that can bring your chakras into balance.
Ashtanga Primary Yoga Series
Instructor Ana Sa at Red pearl Yoga Studio is showing us an introduction of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series.
Yoga Before Bedtime
Here are 6 yoga postures that you can practice in your own bed to help you fall asleep at night. These postures will relax you, release stress, and calm you down so you can get a good nights sleep.
Yoga for Computer Users
Here are some simple yoga stretches to help relieve any pain and discomfort from long hours of computer use. Yoga can also help to increase circulation, relieve eyestrain and eye fatigue.
Yoga for Travellers
Here is an easy yoga sequence to help ease travel-related stress.Practicing these postures will help open up tight hips, backs, necks and shoulders, all of which get cramped when travelling.
Yoga for Insomnia
Insomnia is a common problem these days. Practicing restorative yoga postures before going to bed can help cure insomnia and give you a good nights sleep.
Yoga Hand Mudras
Hand mudras are symbolic gestures that are used to stimulate different body organs, glands and nerves to create new energy. Regular practice of hand mudras brings physical health and peace.
Yoga for Neck and Shoulders
Here is a yoga sequence for your neck and shoulders. This will help relieve any pain, tension or discomfort that's built up in the neck and shoulder area. Great to practice before going to bed.
Yoga Postures before Bedtime
Kate McKinnon demonstrates 5 yoga postures that can help promote better sleep and reduce insomnia.
Morning Yoga Routine
Here is a yoga morning routine to awaken your body, and energize you for the day. Be sure to have your speakers on loud to enjoy the full effect of this yoga video. Practice daily for best results.
Yoga Stretches in Bed
Your bed is a wonderful and comfortable space to practice yoga. Here are some yoga stretches that are great for travellers who want a nice stretch from head to toe.
Yoga to Increase Circulation
Yoga postures are amazing to increase blood circulation throughout your whole body. When blood is flowing smoothly, you can ensure unobstructed oxygen flowing to every part and organ in your body.