Bathtub Yoga

Spoil yourself in the tub... soak up in the warm water and enjoy the self-love. Add yoga to the mix, and your body will love you even more. Spending time around water can get your inner creative juices flowing and open-up your sacral chakra.

First thing is to make your bathtub your happy place, by setting the mood. Scented bubbles, candles, essential oils, flowers and some relaxing music. Let all your senses enjoy your personal bathtub sanctuary. I love adding a few drops of Lavender Oil into the bathtub before I get in, as the aromatic scent is very calming and soothing.

Warm water increases your body temperature, improves blood circulation and relieves any muscle tension.

As we begin, you can set an intention for your practice. This can be self-love.

Find out how to set up your bathtub like a sanctuary in this bathtub meditation.

Try out this beautiful bathtub self-love meditation to really focus on nourishing your whole body with love. You deserve all the love that you give so freely to others.

bathtub yoga

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