Bathtub Self-Love Meditation

This self-love meditation is a beautiful daily practice that nourishes your whole body with love. It's designed to take you on journey through your body, deeply listening along the way. As you listen to yourself in this loving state notice how nourishing it feels. You are simply being with your body in a state of love. You deserve all the love you give so freely to others. Spending time around water can get your inner creative juices flowing and open-up your sacral chakra.

Find out how to set up your bathtub with flower potals, candles, essential oils and bubbles in this bathtub meditation.

You deserve time to connect with your body and be in deep relaxation. Consider a bathtub yoga routine to stretch out your body, as movements in the water can be soothing. It’s a nice break from your everyday life routine. Your body and mind deserves this wonderful time in the tub.

bathtub self-love meditation

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