Vibe Water Bottle

I received a beautiful glass water bottle and jar that's infused with love and positive vibes. Vibe bottles are made with sacred geometry, positive words and handled with love. I'm loving how beautiful this idea is, as we carry reusable water bottles every day, so why not have inspirational words as a reminder to love yourself and raise your vibration. The words used on the bottle are: joy, bliss, wisdom, abundance, patience, love, light, empowerment, trust, health, courage and peace surrounding beautiful artwork.

Vibe Bottle

These bottles are made of high quality glass. The look is tall and very elegant, made with steel caps to prevent any leaks. This design says "drink water and love yourself everyday." Staying hydrated is important for health and practicing self love is great to improve your well being. You will definitely be surprised what a difference it makes in your life when you increase your water consumption and daily love. Self-care is important to increase our life quality.

I feel that drinking out of a glass water bottle tastes so much better than plastic or metal. It's more fresh, as glass is made of sand, and sand is earth, and mother earth is sexy. A great way to keep you feeling grounded on a vibrational way. Everything is energy and vibration. Notice how food just tastes better when your mom cooks it for you. This is because it's made with love. Mothers are very caring and nurturing, so you get that energy in the food. Drinking out of a love water bottle, you get that essence of love infused everyday. It's a constant reminder to drink water and love yourself.

These water bottles make a great gift for any health or yoga enthusiast. They have an alignment and hamsa bottle as well to choose from. Check out vibebottle.com to raise your vibration today.

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