Unbound Pheromone Box

A pheromone box of goodies from Unbound was delivered to my door:) Natural aphrodisiacs that induce your body's release of natural pheromones to enhance your sex appeal. Be prepared to awaken your senses, as everything smells so delicious...

unbound pheromone box

Unbound is a company that believes in the radical possibilities of pleasure. They send out a box of goodies every three months. Each box has a different theme for any occasion. I think this is such a fun idea to make you feel more sexy, confident and in the mood. Sometimes intimacy can get a bit routine, so these products can help revive any relationship.

The box I got to try out was full of pheromone goodies. These items seemed really fun to try, as pheromones are released into your environment, affecting the behavior of other species around you. An interesting way to increase your attractiveness no matter what you look like.

I must say that after testing these luxurious scented perfumed lotions and potions, I did notice a difference. I definitely felt more sexy, attractive and desirable. I was getting more attention and compliments from women and men all around. It's more of a subtle type of attraction where you feel more irresistible to the opposite sex, therefore, they find you more attractive as well. What I love is that these perfumes and lotions smell so amazing, so how can anyone resist you... This pheromone box is definitely worth a try to spice up your life.

Luz de la Riva Lily Pheromone perfume

This pheromone perfume comes in a beautiful bottle that's so feminine. It has a light arousing sensual scent that induces your body's natural release of pheromones. It's meant to be used all over your body, and will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and fresh. I've been wearing it everyday now, and have noticed a subtle difference.

This glam pheromone-laced perfume with a classic bulb atomizer will make you feel like a silver screen starlet on application and irresistible when you wear it out.

Eye of love candle + him/her pheromone spray

This pheromone massage candle smells so delicious that I can't stop smelling it. It's meant to burn the candle and then use the wax as a massage oil. It's made with a shea butter base and natural ingredients. It can also be used as your daily moisturizer. It's a 3-1 candle: fragrance, pheromone and moisturizer. I'm loving this stuff.

The him/her pheromone spray smell so amazing. I especially love the male scent. I'm so drawn to the smell. The female scent is quite light, soft and delicious. I would definitely recommend trying these to help seduce your loved one.

In all of their indulgent bath and body products, Eye of Love uses a special blend of natural pheromone compounds estratetraenol and androstanol to enhance your perception by others as more open, charismatic and attractive. First lure in your quarry with their his and hers set of pheromone perfumes, then when you’re ready to get close, indulge with their luxurious candle that melts to produce a supple massage oil.

Crazy girl plumeria lotion

This lotion smells incredible. I've never smelled anything like it before. It goes on soft and leaves a sexy sparkle and shimmer on your skin. It's infused with pheromones to enhance sex appeal and make your skin irresistible to touch. It makes you feel pretty for sure.

This shimmering, delicately scented lotion keeps your skin soft while its unique aphrodisiac medley will leave your targets powerless to resist your charms.

Sensuva X lip balm

This buzzing lip balm give you a tingling sensation to your lips. It's made with beeswax, sweet almond oil, cinnamon oil, vitamin E, rosemary oil and pheromones. It's made to trigger attraction, increase and improve kissing and give you a buzzing feel to your lips when you want to attract a kiss from a potential mate. It's unisex, so anyone can use it. This is a fun product to try before you make out with your partner.

This fun, tingling, all-natural balm is laced with pheromones designed to turn both you and your partner on, all while keeping your lips moisturized and silky smooth.

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