Titika Activewear Review

I've recently been revamping my yoga wear wardrobe, and was so cheerfully happy to find Titika Activewear for the first time. I love their bright color choices of yoga wear that have fun, flirty and feminine details. The uniqueness of style is what drew me in initially. I didn't even know that they existed, and have three store locations in Toronto and the GTA.

I actually found their yoga wear at The Yoga Sanctuary in Richmond Hill. Before I went in for my yoga class, I noticed some beautiful unique tank tops. Since they didn't have my size, I decided to Google Titika Activewear and was then pleasantly surprised that I can go to their actual store at the Shops at Don Mills.

Titika Yoga Wear

Most yoga studios carry activewear from the states, so it was a bit of a shock that Titika is Toronto based. Other than Lululemon, I don't really know any other Canadian companies that design and make yoga wear.

As I entered their store, I had a lot of fun picking out lots of outfits that were unique and gorgeous in color. I was trying on almost everything.. well, all the items that I liked.

Here are some pictures of what I decided on:

My favorite unique piece was the sexy black lace leggings. (Picture is shown above in pigeon pose) I matched them with a bright pink tank top. The combination really brings out a feminine and sexy look. These lace leggings can also be worn with dresses or other nice tops for going out. I've never seen them before, so I just had to get them. They are so comfortable, and look absolutely amazing on. I would definitely recommend them to any yoga practitioner or student.

I really loved the Dalia Pants, so I got them in black and grey. They are not only amazing for yoga classes, but you can wear them in the summer with a bright colored top. Depending on your mood you can dress them up or down. They have cute flare bottoms and are one of a kind. Inside the waistband, you have a secret pocket for storage. These pants are also amazing for Salsa or Zumba classes!!

Titika Yoga Wear

I was drawn to their bright orange tank top, which has a heart on the back. I think it's so adorable, and unique. The heart makes it feminine and flirty. The fit of their tank tops is perfect, and the fabric clings to your body so comfortably, with any movement. I feel so beautiful and stylish in their yoga wear.

Titika Active Wear

I really liked the Titika Harlem Hoodie that I had to get two of them, one in a light grey, and one in my favorite shade of purple. This dress is so useful for everyday casual wear that is so comfortable and stylish at the same time. It even has a secret pocket inside the large pocket, which is great to keep your keys or phone. I've gotten so many compliments, as I've been wearing it almost daily ever since I got it.

Titika Harlem Hoodie

I will definitely be shopping again at Titika Active wear for all my workout and casual wear, as I find the fabrics so comfortable, and stylish. You can visit www.titika.ca to see their whole yoga wear collection.

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