Tiny Devotions Mala Beads

I received a rose quartz mala beads necklace from Tiny Devotions, which I'm really getting attached to. It's a beautiful and stylish piece. Every time you wear it, you are vibrating the power of your specific mantra that you have been repeating while using these beads. It really is a great way to manifest and turn your thoughts and prayers into reality.

mala beads

Tiny Devotions mala beads are made of sacred Rudraksha seeds, and have a special 109th crystal that promotes a specific energy that will align with your intention. I was drawn to the rose quartz mala, because I like the color pink, and want to encourage more love into my life. I've been wearing my mala on a daily basis and I absolutely feel a connection to it. I've been feeling more self love and have been drawing more affection and positive energy into my life.

What are Mala Beads

Mala beads are prayer beads that are used for meditation and for protection from any negative energy. There are 108 beads that are used to count and repeat specific prayers or mantras. One repetition is said for each bead, which is turned clockwise with your thumb. This way, you can repeat your mantra 108 times, without losing count.

This is an old tradition that stems back through history over thousands of years. Many cultures such as Turkish, Indian, Middle Eastern, Greek and Asian have all discovered the healing powers of mala beads. They have positive psychological effects on their user, as the beads are known to absorb negative energies and relieve stress and anxiety.

Why 108 Beads

108 beads are used to make every mala beads necklace, because there is a special meaning behind the sacred number of 108. You've probably heard about the tradition of practicing 108 sun salutation when the seasons change. Here are a few reasons that I found interesting:

Here's what Tiny Devotions have to say about the Rose Quartz Mala:

Everyone can use a little extra loving in their life and with the Rose Quartz mala bead that is exactly what we get.

Although love from others is always a good thing, this mala eludes nurturing vibrations promoting self love, which is an attribute that most of us forget about. If a special someone is already in your life, this stone will help restore trust and harmony, and encourage that unconditional love that may have fizzled.

For those single ladies, have no fear, the Rose Quartz is extremely effective in drawing love and relationships toward you, and who doesn't want that! With all this affection radiating from the beautiful stone, it helps to draw off negative energy and replaces it with loving vibes and receptivity to beauty of all kinds.

Please visit the Tiny Devotions website for more information, and be sure to watch their awesome videos on mala beads. www.lovetinydevotions.com.

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