Tiki Hut Livin Beach Towel

I recently received a lovely beach towel from Tiki Hut Livin. It's perfect for having fun in the sun. It feels so soft and fluffy to the touch. I would say it's the perfect towel for lounging by the pool, boat or beach, as it's very absorbent.

tiki hut livin beach towel

I enjoy spending time at the beach. I love getting some sunshine, feeling the water and sand on my feet, while connecting with Mother Earth. Being out in the sun makes me happy, getting that vitamin D and fresh air. I have been appreciating being outdoors more and more lately.

Summer is my favorite season of the year, as I love the heat. The more time I've been spending outdoors the better I feel. Having fun in the sun is good for your body, mind and soul. Living in Canada, with the long winter months, it makes you appreciate the summer months even more, as we have contrasting weather. This teaches us to make the best of the present moment and enjoy life.

Tiki Hut Livin has all kinds of outdoor goodies and accessories that you need for summer fun. From shirts, active wear, eyewear, hats, sports gear and water fun items. Everything is affordably priced and perfect for outdoor livin'. They have everything you need to enjoy the summer months to the fullest.

Visit tikihutlivin.com to find what you need to get fun done.

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