The Best Health Trend in 2020 May Just Be App Controlled Vibrators

Staying at home may have been the trend in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it doesn’t stop people from being innovative with just about anything. Now that commercial gyms, spas, fitness centers, and other places where people can sweat it out are either closed or operating in a limited capacity, getting healthy while staying at home can be a challenge.


With many people being too focused on physical exercise, the lockdown is leading them to rediscover another form of exercise - sex. Yes, this earliest form of exercise may have been set aside for a while now, but thanks to technology and a push by the lockdown, people are rediscovering the joy and health benefits of enjoyable and satisfying sex. Here, we will discuss further why app-controlled vibrators may just be the best health trend of 2020.

You’re Doing the Tango Alone

Being in a lockdown means you have to limit close physical interaction with others as a safety precaution. It could also mean holding off on having sex with your partner or keeping sex at a bare minimum for the meantime. Thanks to technology, there are many ingenious ways of releasing our pent-up sexual frustrations and getting a much-needed sexual release. The bluetooth vibrator is one ingenious sex toy you and your partner can use to pleasure yourself sexually. A Bluetooth connection gives you greater control over how to explore your erogenous zones by yourself or with the help of your partner. There is this kinky excitement when you or your partner operates the vibe from a distance and out of plain sight. The stimulation and pleasure from this sexual play is a new dimension worth exploring and can be a lot of fun, especially for adventurous couples.

You Are Making Your LDR Healthier

Long-distance relationships or LDRs can be difficult to manage at times, and the current lockdown situation only prolongs the separation and longing of LDR couples for each other. If you are in this situation, you have more reasons to thank your smartphone for keeping you company. You can now use your Wi-Fi connection to utilize apps that can entertain you while you wait for the day you will be reunited with your lover. You can do more than just call, chat, or email each other with your smartphones now that there are Wi-Fi apps that can control vibrators.

You can turn your video calls into steamy live shows while both you and your partner control vibrators remotely and pleasure yourselves. It ups the ante of sexual satisfaction derived from chat or video-assisted sex and teasing by delivering heightened stimulation and pleasure to both you and your partner. For one, your hands are free to hold your phone or mobile device firmer and give each other uninterrupted video coverage. Your hands can also explore other erogenous areas while the vibe takes care of your main pleasure centers. There are many things you can explore with this new setup, and this is what can keep your long-distance communication steady and your relationship is healthier even when you are far apart from each other.

Your Sexual Plays are More Exciting

You may think these app-controlled vibrators are just for couples in a long-distance relationship, but it can be for virtually everyone. Imagine getting horny at home and your partner is still out at work. Using remotely controlled vibrators can give you and your partner more time for foreplay and stimulation even if both of you are physically distant at the moment. Remote vibe stimulation can get both of you in the mood for sex and making both of you eagerly anticipate your sexual encounters. App-controlled vibrators can also give a whole new dimension to your sexual plays and preferences, where you can think of naughty and spontaneous sexual adventures using a vibrator. Vacations might be limited for now, but the thought about the many sexual plays you can do on foreign land and a new location can be exciting and something you can eagerly look forward to once the lockdown is lifted.

You Can Do Covert Jacks and Jills

Sometimes, you are just hit with that strong sexual urge and horniness even without your partner with you. You badly need to satisfy that urge but you are currently in a public space and you give yourself good sexual relief because of the thought of being caught in an embarrassing situation. Here’s another hurray for new technology, as you can now discreetly jack or jill off without people noticing.

Vibrator sizes are now more compact and designed for stealth for easy storage and use even when you are on the go. No need for you to look for a bathroom and get cooped up in there for a while. This is particularly useful when you are attending functions and events, where you can’t afford to stay out of sight for long or miss important details about the event while also heeding the call of your sexual urges. Cock rings and panty vibes are good covert sex toys that can now be controlled using your smartphone. You can covertly squirm and moan with pleasure and unlock another sexual adventure achievement in the process.

You Get More Powerful O’s

Vibrators can help take your orgasms to new heights with their versatile features and various designs that meet your sexual needs. From clitoral to G-spot and even P-spot (male) stimulation, there is a vibe designed for it. This means less exertion on your part and more room for exploration. Achieving orgasm can either be made easier or more intense with the help of these powerful devices.

We mentioned earlier that sex is a form of exercise, and it helps burn calories. You can lengthen the foreplay or choose fun and challenging positions to make you and your partner sweat even more. Add the vibe in the picture to cap your sexual workout with powerful orgasms.

Many people pay little regard to the importance of sexual health and the many benefits gained from it. Staying at home isn’t that bad now that vibrators are part of the things you can enjoy with your smartphone app. Lockdown? No problem. Even if your partner is far from you, you still get to enjoy intimate moments and enjoy sex even if you are alone. It’s time you included your sexual health in the equation of healthy living. Let technology help you discover more dimensions of your sexual health.

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