Ten Sacred Secrets to Success by Yogi Bhajan

Written by Vera Del Vecchio.

1. Learning is not a Weakness

Time and space and breath of life are the living triangle of life. Every process is a moment; every moment is a process. Learning is to gain wisdom - it gives a grip on our discipline, and discipline becomes the Master. Master creates the legacy; legacy lives forever; the mortal becomes immortal.

O Yogi, life is a living chance forever.

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2. If Somebody is Avoiding Reaching you, you Reach Out (Knowing is the Knowledge)

If the head has gone cold, heart has gone frozen. If hatred in somebody has eaten up the heart of life; if there is no warmth coming to you but still the body is vibrating and the breath of life is keeping it warm, reach out and melt away tall the coldness through your humor and boldness, so that the flower of friendship can blossom and you can enjoy the fragrance.

O Yogi, that is knowingness.

3. Be the Altar not the Alternative

Between time and space there is a place which is the altar of human legacy. Each individual must identify this altar and worship it. It will give personality, purpose, and prosperity. Any alternative to this is to lose the gratefulness, the grace, and the glow of life.

O Yogi, this is the sacred secret of prosperity.

4. Let your Manners Speak for you, Let your Deliverance Impress you.

Every person has a mission; every mission has a magnitude. to fulfill and deliver the essence of magnitude, one requires manners and attitude. When one does it with devotion and conviction, success comes from all sides.

O Yogi, that is the sacred secret of success.

5. Work Never Waits. Those who Wait, have not yet Started.

Nobody can stop time. Time creates space. We move between longitude and latitude. It is the attitude which works out and completes every work for us.

O yogi this is the sacred secret of deliverance.

6. Excuses, Avoidance, Delays will not Stop the Consequences.

Every sequence will have consequences; every action will have reaction; every start will have a finish; every beginning will have an end. Our insecurity delays our achievement; our excuses show our weakness; and delay lays the foundation of frustration. The perfect One God Almighty made us perfect to face every challenge and be a victor. As every artist wants to see his art at its best, so our divinity wants us to conquer our duality.

O yogi, this the sacred secret of victory.

7. Pros and Cons: Check Properly. It will save you from Con Games;

Play no games; get straight to the strategy and establish the state and status with your statesmanship. Reach out to everyone with a diplomatic art an loving communication.

O yogi, this is the sacred secret of winning friends.

8. Be a Statesman and a Diplomat.

If you have a longing to belong, love and reverence are your handy tools to build leadership to sail through the stormy ocean, to enter the port of peace and tranquility.

O Yogi, this is the sacred secret of leadership.

9. Your Individuality your Attire, and your Attitude - all Account above all.

You must have vitality to create virtues; you must have values to honor virtues; your honorable performance will give people trust; your reverence and love will give people belief in you and your honest and character will give people faith in you.

O Yogi, this is the cared secret in creating lasting memory of self or memorial in the heart of others.

10. Act three ways: Action Support, Cover. Must include safe place for Retreat.

Every action has reaction equal and opposite; what comes, goes; what is born must die. But the wisdom is to create a legacy which is perpetual, everlasting, and a guidance for all. Every action force in strategy must have a cover force, and a place of retreat to take care of the casualties. With that planning one can reach his fulfillment

O Yogi, this the sacred secret of joy and happiness in life.

Blessed are all, O yogi, who follow this path of wisdom.

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