Tea Sparrow Giveaway

It was such a treat for me to receive a herbal tea box from Tea Sparrow, as I love to try out different caffeine free teas. I usually drink Chamomile tea every night, as it's very soothing before going to bed.

Tea Sparrow provides you with loose leaf tea delivered to your door every month. You get 5 different blends each month, which is quite unique, as you get something brand new each time. Your taste buds will definitely get a treat.

Tea Sparrow

Drinking loose leaf tea has more benefits than the conventional tea bag. It is much more flavourful, has a much stronger scent, and is better for the planet, as it requires less packaging, and it's biodegradable.

With tea bags, you're just getting tea dust called 'fannings' from loose leaf tea production, which is much less flavourful. You also loose some of the nutrients and antioxidants that are more prominent in loose leaf tea.

Here are the five types of herbal teas that were included in the tea box, and their ingredients. They all sound so delicious, and they smell amazing. My favorite one is Sangria. I'm actually drinking a cup while I'm writing this review.

  1. Sangria - Hibiscus, apple bits, blood orange bits, rose hip peels, safflow flower petals, cranberries, lemon myrtle, and lemon peel.
  2. Red Rocks - South African rooibus, vanilla and chopped almonds.
  3. Ginger Lime Rooibos - Organic Fair Trade Certified green rooibos, Organic ginger, Organic lemongrass, Organic lemon myrtle, Organic licorice root and natural essential oils of lime and tangerine.
  4. Vanilla Honeybush - Honeybush, natural vanilla flavour and vanilla bits.
  5. Earl Grey Vanilla Rooibos - Rooibos, calendula petals, almond slices, vanilla, and bergamot.

Sangria Tea

Each tea package might seem small, but it includes enough loose leaf to make 10 cups of tea, so in total you get 50 cups of tea. That's enough to last you well over a month. These unique blends are great for sharing with friends and family, as everyone has different tastes, so there's definitely something for everyone.

Here's what Tea Sparrow has to say about their company:

Tea Sparrow was born of our family's love for tea. Tasting it, smelling it, sharing it...Yum! To us, Tea Sparrow is a fun flight of fancy in a box, with some of our most playful and passionate conversations taking place over these blends.

We have quested and befriended tea sommeliers, blenders and farmers in the pursuit of truly great tea experiences. With no affiliations to blenders, we have tasted hundreds of teas, chosen the blends that inspire us, and shared them with you. So, welcome to the Tea Sparrow family! We are delighted to deliver a variety of world-class blends to your door every month - we feel we deserve it, and so do you!

Tea Sparrow Video Review
Watch as I open and review the herbal tea package. I'll also be showing you how to make some loose leaf Sangria tea, which is absolutely delicious.

Win a Free Tea Sparrow Tea Box

Tea Sparrow would like to send a free tea box to one lucky winner. You can choose either a mixed variation of teas, or only herbals.

In order to win a tea box from Tea Sparrow, these are the following steps you have to take:

  1. Add LexiYoga on Twitter.
  2. Become a fan on Facebook.
  3. Subscribe on YouTube.
  4. Send a comment through Twitter/Facebook answering this question: What is your favorite tea, and why?

The winner will be announced on Sunday February 26th.

Good luck to everyone! This is my fifth giveaway on my website. Stay tuned for more to come. I'd like to thank Tea Sparrow for providing a tea box for this giveaway.

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