Soch Reusable Menstrual Products

I've been thinking about making the switch to reusable cloth menstrual pads for the longest time. I've been hearing so many postive things about using the menstrual cup and cloth pads that it stuck in my head. So I was pleasantly happy that Soch Green sent me a package of menstrual hygiene products to try out.

Soch Reusable Menstrual Products

I love trying out natural alternatives to my daily routine. They sent me a menstrual cup to be used instead of a tampon. It collects rather then absorbs the menstrual flow. It works like a suction cup, so it doesn't fall out with movement. It is cleaned and reinserted during your cycle. It can last up to 8 hours depending on your flow. I like that it's eco-friendly and very economical, as tampons are getting more expensive these days.

The reusable pads are a great alternative to disposable and are made of microfibres, combed cotton and a leak-proof layer. They come with wings on the sides with snap buttons to keep the pad in place.

I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the pads were. It feels like you're not wearing anything but underwear. The cotton is so soft on your skin and really protects and keeps you dry. Once you feel the comfort, you just can't go back to regular disposable pads. The cup was easy to use, and a clean alternative. You just empty it out every few hours. It really protects and keeps the blood inside you. You don't feel anything really. I love it, and will never go back to tampons, as they are a waste of money and quite messy. I will recommend Soch Menstrual products to every woman I know.

Why Switch to Soch?

Health - SOCH Reusable Menstrual Products are made of soft fabrics, which are gentle on the skin. They do not cause rashes, dryness, or itching when used. They are free from all kinds of fragrance, adhesive chemicals, and absorbent gels.

Economics - All SOCH products are light on your pocket, when compared to their disposable alternatives. Though it may appear to be expensive in the beginning, you realise that it's a long-lasting investment; hence, cutting down your monthly costs significantly.

Environment - We aim to make every period trash-free by ensuring that you don't add to the existing garbage woes in India. Usage of disposable products leads to non-biodegradable garbage that ends up in landfills. With every SOCH product you buy and use, you can be rest assured that you are menstruating guilt-free each month!

Check out sochgreen.com to try out their reusable menstrual hygiene products.

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