Skin Care for Cold Weather

In countries where cold and grey weather reigns most of the year, skin needs stimulation and immunity enhancement.

Skin Care which penetrates deeply into the Epidermis, stimulates upgraded blood circulation in the Dermis, increases oxygen level, accelerates cell growth mechanism and contributes significantly to skin renewal and health.

winter skincare

Deep Skin Care awakens/refreshes repair processes, helping the fortification of skin systems:

During day - skin is mainly busy in reacting to the environment and in protecting itself from influences of light/sun rays, wind and pollution, emotional and physical stress. All the energy in skin is directed to its unique function - separating between the body inside - organs and systems - and the air saturated with 'hostile' elements surrounding body.

Serum and Day Cream - it is preferable that these products will be lightly textured, rapidly absorbed in skin, thus enabling to put make-up. Products for day use must contain ingredients for screening sun radiation (whether originated from sky or snow), anti-oxidants, moisture - which is essential to skin functioning. During frozen periods this moisture is inessential. Products should also contain mineral nourishment, fortifying the dermal immunity system.

During day body is in motion, senses are active, the interaction with environment - nature, inanimate objects and living beings - obligate attending to anything which exists outside the body.

Drinking and eating activate the digestive system. Likewise, muscular and nervous systems are active, channeling and the maximum attention of the body is to its communication with its surrounding and less to maintenance of internal balance.

At night - when body sleeps, the communication is at rest and allows body to direct force to rehabilitation processes, to repair of damages caused during the day and to natural renewal/building processes.

Night Care Products - ought to focus on relaxing skin, so that it can direct energy to auto rehabilitation/recuperation processes and systemic balancing.

At night - there is importance to deeper nourishment, to richly textured products, whose absorption process take longer than the fast absorption of day creams.

In these creams it is important to integrate ingredients to fortify the healthy activity of skin, which will help inhibit aging processes and appearance of age signs, by using ingredients which are aimed: to remove dead cells and weak tissues, to stimulate renewal, to enhance metabolism, to help get rid of waste. These ingredients accelerate cell renewal and improve protection from inflammations, infections and skin irregularities.

These products will help improve skin density, elasticity and firmness, will help fortifying cell envelope and will lighten skin tone for even complexion. These ingredients are suitable to mimic the natural mechanism for skin renewal, for wrinkle repair and for balanced and healthy complexion at any age.

Take care to apply night cream, serum and day cream which are under the same cosmetic series. This will enable your skin focus on cumulative effect process.

Love Line Bio Balance - A series for face, neck and decollete care - contains a patented pro-biotic ingredient, which focuses on patented natural ingredients and herbal carriers.

Love Line Face Care - specializes in creating cumulative effect, while providing continuous effect and helping skin to upgrade its daily activity and vitality.

Thanks to skin purification from toxins, the effectiveness of daily care regimen is enhanced. Skin will be smoother and more radiant already from the first step, and after several weeks it will be much more balanced and healthy.

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