Sarah English

Sarah English has a background in personal training and yoga that led her to believe in the natural healing potential of the body. She studied naturopathic medicine for some time, and remains committed to a healthy lifestyle based on fitness, solid nutrition, family, and friends. Today, she is wrapping up a teaching degree and an ESL diploma, both of which she hopes will keep her busy!

Yoga Interview - Part Two

Related expectations regarding traditional fitness have naturally been extended to yoga - that it's competitive and needs to be painful in order to be worthwhile. Here is part two of her yoga interview.

Yoga Interview - The First Time

Here is a yoga interview with a guy (guinea pig) who answers a few questions about his first ever series of vinyasas. Introducing him to yoga was a real experiment. Find out what his thoughts are about sadhana.

Misguided Meditation

While in the most serene and meditative environment anyone could desire, Sarah English discovers that something is missing. Find out how her experience with meditation was misguided.

Yoga for Children

For children, transitions involving moving from one activity to another can be difficult. Here are some yoga postures to add to their daily routine to increase their focus and health.

Back to School Yoga

Children can benefit enormously from regular yoga practice. Since yoga is a noncompetitive physical activity, children can develop awareness, focus and balance to encourage internal development and internal outcomes.

The Many Faces of Yoga

It's often suggested that the West focuses too narrowly on the asanas, the physical postures - and not so much the spiritual aspects of yoga. Sarah English shares with us the many faces of yoga.

Yoga in Postural Adjustment

Common complaints such as shoulder and neck pain, discomfort in the lower back, and headaches; are mostly brought on by inappropriate posture. Learn how to develop core strength in your body to help improve your posture.