Routine Cream Deodorant

What you put on your body, gets absorbed into your body. Especially if it's on a daily basis. I'm always skeptical when it comes to natural deodorants, as my goal is to smell clean and fresh after a long day, expecially when I'm practicing yoga and doing my circuit training. I was pleasantly surprised that Routine Cream Deodorant kept me smelling better than ever all day. It also feels very moisturizing on my armpit skin and doesn't stain clothing.

This brand uses natural ingredients like charcoal, magnesium, clay, beeswax and prebiotics. It's like vitamins for your skin. You can also smell how you want to, as they have many different signature scents to choose from. It's also tested on friends and not animals.

Routine Cream Deodorant

It's made in the base of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and each jar keeps you smelling better than ever for up to 3-6 months.

Heres the story of how the brand was created:

Former smelly sisters who needed an antidote to our own unfortunate natural musk. Searching for an EFFECTIVE deodorant, especially one that was CLEAN AND STYLISH was an unsavoury lifelong challenge. ‚Äč

Being stinky but smart, naturally, we created some. It's because we feel lymph nodes, the planet and its inhabitants (YOU) are important business, that we decided to share our creation with ALL people. We believe armpits are lovely and deserve the best, just like every other inch of our flesh covered selve

I got to try a few different scents, like:

Visit routinecream.com to shop their deodorant revolution.

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