5 Reasons to use Chi Kung

Written by Wayne Bilyk.

It is believed that Chi Kung will become the key path to optimum health, inner peace and balance. Although there are many methods vying for our attention, Chi Kung offers the most integrated and simple methods to reaching this goal. It also deals with energy work on a more scientific way then most others while still having mystical and spiritual aspects in the practitioners inner being to make this combination synergistically efficient in preventing and healing all illnesses or foreign objects within. There are 5 reasons to use Chi Kung:

chi kung

  1. Stimulates your immune system to increase your resistance to illness.
  2. Reduces stress creating a deep sense of inner peace.
  3. Improves efficiency of digestive, cardio-vascular and nervous systems slowing aging.
  4. Improves sleep quality and helps eliminate fatigue.
  5. Helps promote a sense of wellness leading to optimum health.

The paragraphs that follow will give a more detailed explanation of each aspect.

A dynamic immune system is the key element to the journey towards optimum health and the ability to maintain this state. Clinical studies in China have shown that Chi Kung naturally improves the efficiency of our immune system. The study could not determine how this was accomplished so that outside of China, Chi Kung is still a science in its infancy. I am a solid believer in this as ever since I have been practicing this art I rarely get sick and heal very quickly from any injury. So often we hear that someone caught a cold from someone else. The problem with disease is not that they are everywhere but most of us do not have the ability to prevent disease from taking a strong foothold in the first place.

Chi Kung is also a very soothing art. We live in a society plagued with many forms of stress and very few efficient methods to counteract this condition. Chi Kung creates a sense of balance, reducing or eliminating the stress that is very dangerous to our energetic system. We may believe that the inner peace of the monks is beyond our abilities but Chi Kung helps us on that journey.

Chi Kung's main function is to create balance within all systems in the body. This is accomplished by first balancing the chakras and the meridians. These are believed to be the building blocks needed to build a strong foundation. The Chinese believe that once these are in balance the chi, energy or life force flowing through your blood, goes to work on the rest of the body making sure everything works at peak efficiency. This would include the digestive, cardio-vascular and nervous system. With these system functioning well they do no tax the organs which in turns prevents the body from aging before its time. The master with whom I studied was living proof of this. He was 72 at the time and looked younger than a man of 50 and was in great physical condition.

Most of us struggle with insomnia which causes very levels of fatigue. Use of Chi Kung through an energy massage will stimulate and relax the muscles allowing the blood to flow to and through all the systems related to a relaxing sleep. After this the sleep quality will improve reducing fatigue.

We live in a world where we constantly desire to be healthy with high levels of energy. The practice of Chi Kung along with energy massages takes you on this journey to optimum health by promoting a sense of wellness, giving you the abilities using this art on your own or through a practitioner to reach high in your health goals.

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