Raw... Is it the way to go?

Written by Viki Ackland.

I am not one for New Years Resolutions; I feel we should aspire to better ourselves all year round. I do understand as a culture, that we tend to overindulge during special events and holidays, so making a resolution after Christmas for instance may seem like a good idea. For me I just felt sluggish and a bit down after the holidays and needed a pick me up. I contemplated doing another cleanse, or fast, and decided being in the food industry always creates a problem when cutting out food completely. I have always been a raw vegan to the extent I ate as much raw as possible, but now I took it up a notch.

raw citrus vegetables

1. Raw: Adjective: (of food) Uncooked: (of a material or substance) In its natural state; not yet processed or purified: "raw silk";

I decided that I would try and get back into the raw practice, not 100 percent but I would try and incorporate at least 80 percent a day into my diet. It really is not that difficult or daunting, as some people would believe. I suppose everything in life can be difficult to some degree, whether it is work or relationships or eating healthy, but we are creatures of habit, and I try to convey to non believers that there is no such thing in life as diets or quick fixes to be healthy. One must make the life choice to embrace a way of life, eating and exercise that can carry you into middle age, active and full of life and energy.

I am 54, and for most of my life have maintained this ideal, but I have had down periods where I was not balanced and that affected every aspect of my life. No motivation and losing the routine and dedication that comes with being conscience of your diet and health, whether vegan or not, cannot be ignored, or you find it is a long climb back up to where you know you should be.

The benefits are unbelievable. Endless energy. Great skin. Renewed sex drive. Reduced Risk of Disease. Weight loss and/or maintaining your weight. Plus you just feel sexy when you are healthy and fit. If you combine this with a work out routine that fits you and your life style, whether it is running or yoga, well nothing is better. I was a hard core gym addict for years and need no advice or instruction in that realm, so toning my energy down to stretching and yoga was a challenge for me at first.

I think everyone can benefit from a simple stretching routine and yoga even if you are more hard core. The body needs and appreciates it. I used to think when I was younger if I went at it with enthusiasm my body would benefit from it as I got older, but that is really not true, as your joints and body age and wear with constant use like any other machine will.

Let us all get a lot more raw into our lives and diet. The more greens you eat the more you crave them. Let us all stretch and be calm and still and learn that this motion is one that keeps us balanced.

I am on day 47 of raw and I have lost 11 pounds, my skin looks fantastic, I am not stressed out about anything and I am in love with life again. A healthy body is a healthy mind, it is not a myth!!!!

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