Rael Beauty

I received a lovely package from Rael Beauty with products to pamper you during the time of the month. Rael provides natural and organic feminine products that are healthier for your body. The wash and wipes are a treat to have, as they are made with lavender and eucalyptus oil to soothe your intimate areas.

They have period panties that are 100% certified cotton and made to prevent any leaks to protect your clothes and sheets. They are so comfortable, that I would wear them all the time. I'm so thankful that Rael sent me a pair to try for the first time. I'm loving them.

What a great idea to provide women with more natural alternatives then the regular drug store brands.

Rael Beauty

Facial Sheet Masks

I'm loving these facial sheet masks as they are infused with botanical ingredients. You can now tackle skin issues at the time of the month, and keep your skin looking vibrant.

There are four different ones, each to serve a different skin purpose. Youth Island for firming and repair with collagen, Vita Bright for radiant and refined skin with vitamin C, Hydrolock for dewy and hydration and Fresh Forward to purify and soothe your skin with tea tree. These masks come in packs of five, and can be bundled up. They smell so good, and leave your skin feeling fresh, soft and moisturized.

Rael Facial Sheet Masks

Rael was founded in Southern California by entrepreneurs with distinct backgrounds: Aness, a journalist and bestselling author; Yanghee, an international movie distributor at The Walt Disney Studios with a Harvard MBA; and Binna, an architect-turned-art director. We were created for women, by women who are committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients, continuing product innovation and offering easy access around the world.

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