Wonders of Power Yoga

Written by Dr. Minakshi Welukar.

The bloom of power yoga in the world of fitness attracts many practitioners towards yoga studios. Power yoga is a wonderful technique in improving overall body endurance and enhancing mental clarity.

power yoga class

Effectiveness of power yoga is due to sweat producing and muscle building whole-body workout. This helps to build physical and mental strength, which can ensure maintaining a toned, fit and strong body.

What is Power Yoga?

Power yoga is one of the styles of yoga developed in the West in the mid 1990's. It is considered an American interpretation of Ashtanga yoga. This fast and vigorous fitness approach was developed to make Asthanga yoga more accessible to western students.

Power yoga means intensive but free flowing asanas performed faster and in continuation. This fitness based approach to Vinyasa style yoga makes it easier to adopt to a strenuous workout. As power yoga follows no particular sequence, asanas can vary from one studio to another and there are many versions of it.

Challenging poses performed in power yoga sessions unite physical, mental and emotional well-being to elevate you to a higher level. The practice of this strenuous workout is similar to forceful aerobic regimen. That’s how power yoga works.

It is usually good for people who are already physically fit and interested in a regular workout. Practicing power yoga thrice a week with each session lasting for 45-60 minutes, can help to attain a precise level of mastery. Active engagement and use of maximum force to hold poses for a certain period of time open different joints and stretch various muscles.

Benefits of Power Yoga


Highly perspiring intense workout session of power yoga flushes out toxins from the body through sweat. Furthermore, systematic stretching of different body parts facilitates the removal of waste products from the body. Removal of impurities from the body rejuvenates both body and mind.

Weight loss

Losing weight can be a frustrating experience for anyone. However, this fat-burning yoga accelerates your metabolism and burns calories. This decreases body fat and increases lean muscle mass. That’s how power yoga promotes weight loss and helps to tone your body.

Improve muscle mass

Challenging yoga poses when held for a specific time stretch out your muscles, especially the arms and legs. This increases muscle strength and flexibility and tones muscle all over the body. Improvement in lean muscle mass helps to attain a good physique.

Build stamina

While performing power yoga you are putting your body in positions that open joints and strengthen muscles of the body. Additionally, power yoga is known to boost immune system, improve blood circulation and increase body vitality. This helps to attain an optimum level of adaptability and building body endurance to cope with the daily challenges of life.

Develop willpower

By de-stressing your body, power yoga rejuvenates both your mind and soul. Improvement in mental focus and concentration can help relieve any stress and anxiety and offer a greater sense of clarity. Such wonderful body mind connection aids in enhancing your willpower.

As ligaments and muscles adapt slowly, you must be extremely aware about starting power yoga, as it's quite an intense practice for beginners. You should practice asanas carefully under supervision of a trainer to prevent injury.

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