Warrior I - Virabhadrasana I

Warrior I is one of the first poses originally learned in yoga and represents spiritual strength. This yoga pose is the foundation of the standing pose series. It is highly recognized by both beginner and advanced yogis. It's great for setting an intention for practice, as it opens up the body. It's a grounding pose that produces internal heat that purifies the body. It provides balance, confidence and builds stamina.


Benefits of Warrior I

This posture strengthens the thigh muscles, arms, ankles and back muscles. It opens up the chest, lungs and shoulders and promotes flexibility in the hip flexors, groin and in the back of the legs.

Warrior I tones and builds the power core of the body. It's a wonderful stretch for the abdominal muscle and it stimulates the abdominal organs. It's great for digestion.

Warrior pose is great for athletes. Especially runners and skiers. This is because it strengthens your quads to build endurance and helps to open up your tight hips by expanding the hip flexors. This can increase your endurance, balance, concentration and leg stability.

There are many benefits gained from practicing any version of the Warrior pose. Working on holding it as long as possible should be the goal to gain the most benefit.

Steps for Warrior I

  1. From a lunge turn your left foot out to a 45 degree angle, and bring your right foot forward next to the right hand.
  2. Sink and square hips.
  3. Bend the right knee, make sure knee does not pass the ankle. Keep back knee straight.
  4. Keep the torso upright.
  5. Lift arms up (either together or separate if more comfortable).
  6. Shoulders should remain down the back.
  7. Look up to the hands but make sure not to crunch the back of the neck.
  8. Hold the pose for five to eight long breathes, then switch the feet around so that you are facing the back of the room.
  9. Then do the same thing on the other side with the left foot forward.

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