Plank Pose - Chaturanga Dandasana

Plank pose is a very common posture. It is a transitional mostly seen in the Sun Salutations series of a yoga class. It is also seen in the sports world as an exercise for strengthening and toning your core.

plank pose

Benefits of Plank Pose

When performed correctly, having your body in one line parallel to the floor, you can notice the most benefit. It targets many area of the body, and is well known for strengthening and toning the core. It also works on tightening the shoulders, arms, wrists and quads.

Plank Pose is great for improving posture and strengthening the spine, as it elongates the whole body and lengthens the neck. It develops a strong back and abs at the same time. Building back muscles is important to counteract the wear and tear the back goes through with everyday living.

Practicing plank Pose targets so many muscle groups at one time, therefore making you aware of whats going in your body. It helps you notice the weak spots in your body and where you need to work on more.

Steps for Plank Pose

  1. From Downward Dog, lower your torso down so it's parallel to the floor.
  2. Keep your shoulders over your wrists.
  3. Press your fingertips to the floor with equal weight on both hands.
  4. Make sure your body is in one straight line head to toes.
  5. Squeeze your belly in, keeping your shoulders away from the ears.
  6. Gaze towards the floor relaxing your face and eyes.
  7. Hold this pose 30 seconds or longer.

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