The Pitfalls of Yoga

My name is Jay Kruse and I was first introduced to yoga in 1990 in Houston, TX. It wasn't until 1995 that I began to take it very seriously and honed my practice daily for the next 5 years. I soon began to notice several things change in me, some for the better and some for the worse. It became apparent that side-by-side with the incredible benefits of yoga there were some potential pitfalls along the path that no-one warned me about. I decided to take some time off to get my head straight about a few things.

pranayama breathing

As I began to 'get good' at yoga, I started to teach. I was quickly gaining popularity and was poised to solidify a career as a yoga instructor in Texas. I noticed, though, a growing arrogance in me. As my body tightened up and could do all of these new things, my energy level increased and I lived a very, very clean lifestyle. So clean, in fact, that I could not enjoy plain lo' restaurants anymore or even go to clubs to watch friends play music. I also began to judge everyone else's energy as 'bad' or 'negative' or 'heavy'. This led me further and further into an isolation that was only disrupted when I taught a class (where I could perform and be 'the guy').

I eventually backed off this trajectory after realizing how far off course I had strayed from a practice of growth, openness and compassion. In spite of the physical and energetic abilities I had developed, I realized that I was hiding from Life. I took a long break and returned to creating music and instruments for yoga, meditation and sacred movement. The ordinary life I had grown to judge and scorn was, in fact, where my real journey for growth was and still is.

Now I am happy to say that I am returning to my practice! I am puzzled these days by the many different 'yoga camps' and what seems to be a competition between them... as if one form were superior to another. All of the beautiful and varied styles of yoga have so much to offer and are unique disciplines unto themselves. It's amazing to see this tradition transplanted to America and grow into such a strong lifestyle. I hope we can all remember to remain humble and open to The Moment: as we live and practice.

I have finally found a balance in me where there is no more competition, no more judgement and no more comparison. My motivations have settled into a quiet introspection... whether I'm panting for breath or fully expressing my strength in a particular pose. I have returned to my music and craft where I focus on helping yoga practitioners achieve a greater level inner awareness.

I have also discovered a new way for the benefits of yoga to sky-rocket to new levels by releasing the hidden power of our bodies' renewal systems. Considering that all of our efforts are thrown at cells that are sinking into degradation, I am delighted to have found something that reverses this process so our yoga can be received by brand new cells ready to start fresh and rebuild from inside out.

This has all led me to a new path - one where I can forge all of my efforts at helping others achieve greater health and peace of mind through music, brain wave entrainment and the latest in stem cell research. I have finally found a place in the 'Yoga World' that really fits for me and allows all the parts of me to participate.

I am grateful for my early experiences; they taught me that my ego can hide in the most surprising places! And, for me, that is where the real work resides. Yes, hone your body... hone your energy and your awareness - just not at the expense of your heart and compassion. Enjoy your journey!


If the message touches the heart, it never dies..

Jay Kruse

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