PhytoLife By Theralogix

I received a lovely package of healthy goodies by PhytoLife Theralogix. They provide a multivitamin and multimineral supplement that's formulated with 10 critical nutrients missing from plant-based diets. This is awesome for those who mainly eat vegan and vegetarian diets. There is a growing popularity in plant based diets, for personal health reasons, ethical and environmental concerns.

The package includes a 4 week supply of vitamins, with 28 tablets and 28 liquid capsules that contain exactly what you need per day, and are highly absorbed.

PhytoLife By Theralogix

What a great idea, as these supplements provide everything you need that compliment your plant based diet. This way you can have the energy you need to feel your optimal best. The cute little avocado is a loveable, squeezable stress ball. So if your diet includes lots of avocados, then these supplements are for you.

Highest Quality Ingredients

Contains easy-to-absorb vegan sources of:

Check out theralogix.com if you want to try a vegan supplement to balance your plant-based diet.

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