Stir the Pot – Ignite your Sacral Chakra

When our sacral chakra is open we are full of life, our creative juices are flowing, our energy is magnetizing, and we are in complete harmony. We are full of fire, motivated to more forward in life and enjoy all of life's pleasures.

sacral chakra fire

To be free, creative and excited about life is very childlike, as children are loving life moment by moment, laugh about everything, and get very creative with every opportunity they get. We were born with fire and juices flowing throughout our bodies giving us endless ideas, motivation and drive. Kids keep moving all the time and their senses are in perfect harmony. Just being around them make us smile and cheer us up. This energy feels warm and creative.

This is the sacral chakra located about 2 inches below the belly button. When in perfect balance, you radiate warmth, kindness, confidence and your creative juices are flowing.

The sacral chakra is in perfect balance when you are a child, and starts to fully develop between the ages of 8 – 14, as you develop your sense of self, and you start to feel sexual energy.

As you get older, your sacral chakra can be blocked, as you start to feel a lack of fire in your life, no motivation or drive and a loss of creativity. This can lead to depression and addictive behaviours.

Here are ways to balance the sacral chakra and bring it back to life:

Eat Orange Foods

You are what you eat, so certain foods can nourish you in certain ways. Orange is the colour of the sacral chakra, so consuming orange foods can give energy and balance to the sacral chakra.

If you notice that you crave orange coloured foods, it could be that your body is trying to tell you what it needs, or what it’s lacking. If you are very connected to your intuition, then you can feel these things more than others. You can feel what your body needs to be in perfect balance and harmony.

Adding these foods to your diet will get your juices flowing overtime:

Abdominal Massage

Massaging your inner organs can unlock and open the sacral plate. Focusing on the lower abdomen will fire up the sacral juices, although massaging the whole belly will promote digestion as well.

When we touch ourselves, it’s a form of self-love and care for our physical bodies, so we are also caring about our emotions. This relates directly to letting go of anything that no longer serves us. Letting go emotionally to things that aren’t taking us on the right path to achieve our dreams in life.

Spend Time Around Water

The sacral chakra connects to our feminine energy and intuition, which is your gut feeling located in our abdomen. Water is fluid energy and is in constant motion. The flowing water in a stream holds the same elements as the cells inside your body. Spending time around water, in the ocean or a bath or shower in your home can get your inner juices of creativity flowing.

Consider relaxing to a bathtub meditation when you want to feel the movements of water on your skin. Feel your senses delighted and charmed by the warm water in your own home. You deserve time to connect with your body and be in deep relaxation. Spoil your body with a bathtub yoga routine to stretch out your body, as movements in the water can be soothing.

Try out this beautiful bathtub self-love meditation to really focus on nourishing your whole body with love. You deserve all the love that you give so freely to others.

water girl

Any connection with water can soothe your soul. Have you noticed how you feel walking on the beach, how the sound of the waves soothes you and give you inner strength. You feel connected to the movements of water, so you can adapt to become more fluid in your life.

Get Creative

The sacral chakra thrives on creativity and play. So, doing the things that you truly love purely out of joy, and not forced productivity is a way to heal your sacral chakra. Have fun creating things that make you happy, even if it’s something simple like planting flowers in your garden or going for a bike ride out in nature, or mountain climbing can take you on the right path.

Think how children play, they exude emotions of joy and playfulness in everything they do. Become child-like, play games, run around, laugh more, connect with others of the same energy and live more in the present moment.

Yoga to Wake up the Body

Yoga is an exceptional way to move around stagnant energy that is trapped in your body. If you feel blocked in the sacral area, try to get moving, with an emphasis on the lower abs and hips.

Often, we have areas in our body that are neglected and need to open. Especially in the sacral chakra area, as we spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or couch. Compared to children who are always moving around in different positions, their energy is very open. It’s only as we get older, we start to feel stagnant energy in parts of our body.

Think about free-flowing dance and some yoga postures to ignite the fire inside you. Put on some music and move your hips side to side, make hip circles, and dance freely as a start. Let it feel natural and organic for your body, so allow yourself to feel what your body needs. If a movement feels good, just keep veering in that direction. This will wake up and energize the sacral chakra.

Here are some yoga poses to wake up the sacral area that you can do every morning. Bring awareness to the supple movements of your spine, hips, and pelvis as you move in this sequence. This will let your juices flow naturally.

Stir the Pot – Spinal Circles

Arms Up Spinal Circles

Side Stretch

Easy Twist

Cross-Legged Forward Bend

Butterfly Pose

These yoga movements create a balanced flow of energy. Our ability to adapt to the flow of life as it’s created connects us to the sacral chakra. Yoga teaches us that true pleasure and fun comes from within, and its supply is unlimited. We can find pleasure all around us.

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