One Tooth Yoga Wear

I'd like to thank One Tooth Activewear for inviting me to their lovely store in Toronto to try out some yoga wear for review. I was really attracted to their fun and flowery blue/turquoise combination, as it's very unique and stylish.

One Tooth Yoga Wear is a Canadian owned company that started out in Vancouver. They carry a lovely collection of high quality activewear that's priced more reasonably compared to Lululemon.

The name "One Tooth" derives from the quote: lying through your teeth will eventually leave you with none!

One Tooth Yoga Wear

The high quality wear comes in various colors and styles to suit anyone's taste and style. I really like how the yoga pants are reversible. So you have an option, either fully black, or with a colored band around the waist. The bright turquoise top is quite cute and different, and really makes a statement.

What's great about One Tooth Activewear is that they support fair labour practices, as their clothing line is both designed and made in Canada. This means that you're getting comfort and durability, with consistent long lasting performance.

One Tooth Yoga Wear

Here's how One Tooth Activewear started:

One Tooth started as a couple stores in British Columbia, including one on the popular shopping strip "Robson Street" in downtown Vancouver. In only a fast few years One Tooth grew into stores all across North America. Products include pants, capris, jackets, tops, headbands, hoodies and shorts in plenty of bright colors and styles. Our products cater to men, women and even children.

With exceptional products and prices, One Tooth Activewear is a fantastic value in an often overpriced industry.

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