I'd like to thank OdorKlenz for sending me their sport laundry additive that removes the odors detergents leave behind. This is great for me as I workout a lot, doing circuit training, cardio and yoga of course. Especially during the summer months when you sweat even more, this product can get rid of any smelly odors.


You will notice that any odors you had on your clothes will disappear. I love how OdorKlenz doesn't add any scent to the clothes by masking it with perfume. It just eliminates any odors for good. This is very useful, especially when I go to hot yoga classes, as all your perspiration gets absorbed into the clothing. I usually wear one yoga outfit per class, then toss it in the laundry.

OdorKlenz liquid additive is safe to use on most fabrics, cotton, nylon, spandex, polyester, rayon, wool and all other washable fabrics. It's easy to use, as you just add 1/4 cup for a small load and 1/2 cup for a medium/large load, along with your regular detergent. For best results use with warm water.

I was pleasantly surprised by OdorKlenz results, as I have tried other detergents and fabric softeners before, but those just left a strong scent on my clothes, especially on my towels. This product is more natural as it's nontoxic and doesn't have any harsh metals or chemicals.

What is in OdorKlenz?

I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to eliminate stubborn odors. Not just sweat and body odor, smoke, pets, factory chemicals, grease and oil, perfumes, wet towel etc. It leaves your clothes fresh and odor free.

The Sports Laundry Additive is your first defense against odors. Sports apparel is notorious for retaining pungent sweat-inducing bacteria. The fibers that are most commonly found in sports jerseys, DRI fit, and polyester yoga pants (yes, even when you wear yoga pants, but may not actually “yoga” in them. They still collect the stink. The sports laundry additive is formulated with the revolutionary OdorKlenz technology to remove and neutralize odors from their source. The laundry additive is gentle enough for all sporting fabric. The laundry additive does not contain harsh chemicals, bleach, or overpowering fragrances.

Check out odorKlenz.com to try out their Sport Laundry Additive and find out how to get rid of yoga odors once and for all.

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