Valerian is well known as an excellent sleeping aid. It cures insomnia and any other sleep disturbances. It has the ability to relax the central nervous system and the muscles within your body. Unlike sleeping pills, Valerian has no side effects. It doesn't include the morning hangover feeling or any morning drowsiness.


Many studies have been made comparing Valerian to other sleeping aids, herbs and medications. When taking the herb in the form of an extract, tea or pill thirty minutes before bed for one month, the quality of sleep improved dramatically. People also fell asleep much faster woke up during the night less often.

There are other great benefits to Valerian. It can help those with anxiety, by relaxing and calming the body. It is also useful for children with learning disabilities, or behavioural hyperactivity. The symptoms can range from nervousness, headaches, nail biting, thumb sucking and restlessness, which can all be helped by taking Valerian.

The calming effects of Valerian can relieve spasms, pains, muscle cramps, menstrual pain, colic and epilepsy. The herb also does wonders for your heart, as it can lower blood pressure, increase blood flow and pumping ability.

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