Crush fresh mint into a teapot, and add dry mint leaves and boiling water. Infuse this tea for about 10 minutes, and add sugar if needed. This tea is a nice way to conclude a meal. It keeps you relaxed with a touch of energy while promoting sweet, fresh breath with a touch of desire.


Peppermint is more than just for fresh breath. Scientific evidence shows that the aromatic Peppermint herb helps stimulate the body and mind. It contains therapeutic menthol and antioxidants and is excellent for your mouth, as it can fight bacteria that causes tooth decay and gingivitis. Drinking the tea often is a great way to prevent and fight colds, flus, fevers and any respiratory problems. It encourages sweating, which is how it stimulates and strengthens your immune system to get rid of these ailments.

Rubbing Peppermint oil on your forehead can help relieve headaches. The aroma of the essential oil can also provide relief from stress, anxiety and depression due to it's relaxing and refreshing scent.

Drinking a cup of Peppermint tea after a meal can improve digestion and help remove any gas. It's also a tonic if those that have low appetite. It's been known for treating nausea, upset stomach, irritable bowel syndrome and heartburn. Be sure to include this herb in your meals to enjoy it's great benefits.

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