Oil of Oregano is a powerful antibacterial herb that contains an abundance of vital nutrients and antioxidants that can inhibit growths of bad bacteria and kill unwanted germs and viruses that invade the body on contact. The oil can be used either internally or externally. Some restaurants use Oregano Oil on their salad bars to fight off harmful bacteria.


Oil of Oregano contains beta-carotene, copper, niacin, carvacrol, thymol and other various nutrients and vitamins. These are important because sometimes you don't get them when consuming food. Having a few drops of Oregano Oil daily can provide you with the antioxidants and proper nutrition that your body desires to function at it's best.

Having a powerful source of antioxidants is important in maintaining optimum health by fighting the signs of aging and preventing diseases such as cancer. Oil of Oregano is known to help with body cleansing, yeast infections and treat candida, since it can destroy fungi and parasites on contact. It is also great for food poisoning, digestive problems, diarrhea, allergies, colds, flus, sinus discomforts and insect bites.

You can use Oil of Oregano directly on your food or as a cooking spice while preparing dishes. This can benefit you by killing any harmful bacteria, such as salmonella. Many people put the oil on raw fish, sushi and other meals to ensure that they won't consume anything harmful and to avoid food poisoning.

Oregano Oil an be used directly on your skin to heal cuts, burns, itching and other skin infections. You can also apply it on your gums to treat soars, gingivitis, tooth pains and irritated gums.

Oil of Oregano is a potent herb that is extracted from the natural oregano plant. Including it in your diet can strengthen your immunity, improve respiratory discomforts and even increase muscle and joint flexibility. It is highly recommended to have a bottle at home at all times.

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