Licorice comes from the Latin word "liquiritia", which is known for its sweetening characteristic and traditionally has a reputation for being an aphrodisiac. Many women find the scent of black licorice very sexually stimulating. It even causes men to have an increase of blood to the penis. This herb has been used in ancient China, were they believe licorice is used for enhancing love, lust and sexual vigor.


Licorice is a popular candy enjoyed by many kids and adults. Other than being a tasty treat, Licorice is a herb that has hidden uses that most don't know about. The herb can relieve soar throats, coughs, respiratory discomforts, heartburn, inflammations, liver problems, arthritis and constipation.

Licorice can enhance your immunity by stimulating the level of interferon's, which is a key chemical in the immune system, that can fight viruses that attack the body. It also contains many antioxidants and phytoestrogens that can help relieve menstrual symptoms and menopause.

Greeks were using Licorice root back in the days to quench thirst and relieve bloating and swelling acquired by water retention. It also is great to control weightloss, since Licorice can balance the acid levels in the stomach.

All is all, Licorice root can be savored as a chewy candy or enjoyed as a herb with many benefits that can improve your overall health.

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