Lavender is a beautiful herb that's mostly used as an essential oil. It's excellent for restlessness, sleeping disorders and nervousness. As an essential oil, it's known to help with depression. It's a wonderful herb that has relaxing and calming effects. Inhaling the Lavender scent before bedtime has a tranquilizing effect that can help those with insomnia, especially in elderly people.


Lavender has a very pleasant scent that's used in perfumes and as aromatherapy. It means "to wash" from the Latin word Lavare, due to it's clean relaxing aroma. It has great benefits for the skin. It can be used as an antifungal and antiseptic to treat and heal acne, wrinkles, burns and scars. It's also a wonderful mosquito and insect repellent, as Lavender oil is the main ingredient in most insect repellent products.

Lavender oil can help relieve soar, tense and aching muscles from workouts. It can be massaged anywhere on the body to provide relief from backaches, joint and muscle pains and sprains.

The oil can be inhaled as a vapour or rubbed on the neck and chest area for throat irritations, colds, flus, asthma and any other respiratory problems.

Lavender can be used for hypertension, as it can lower blood pressure keeping you at a relaxed state and improve blood circulation throughout the body.

Having Lavender oil in your home can enhance your overall health the natural way. It aids in digestion and stimulates production of bile and gastric juices, therefore it can treat stomach pains, vomiting and indigestion. Using Lavender oil regularly can strengthen your immunity by helping you resist against diseases.

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