Grapefruit Extract

Smelling like a Grapefruit can be a root to eternal youth! Apparently there was a study done to determine what scent made a woman smell younger. Several ladies were put to the test. The smell of Grapefruit on women was the winner. The men volunteers stated that women looked six years younger than their real age. The other scents that Grapefruit was compared to were; mint leaves, banana, cucumbers, broccoli and pumpkin pie.


Grapefruit oil has a very pleasant scent and has multiple uses. It can be taken internally, but it must be diluted because it's extremely bitter. It can also be enjoyed as a massage oil or by placing a few drops in the bath. It can help with weightloss, tiredness, aching muscles, colds, flus, cellulite, jet lag and headaches.

Essential oils can be metabolized within the body just like other foods and nutrients. It takes about twenty minutes for your body to absorb, and then it remains for another 7 or more hours until it leaves the body.

Grapefruit extract is effective in strengthening the immune system and fighting against many strains of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. It is well known as a treatment for candida, athlete's foot and dandruff.

Carrying Grapefruit extract while traveling is beneficial, as it's an excellent preventative against any parasites and is great for washing fruits and vegetables when soap is not available.

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